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Mar 27, 2008 09:37 PM


Anyone been lately? I'd chosen it as a kid-friendly Italian, but saw recent reports of mediocre food (maybe the two go together).

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  1. I happen to love Otto. I think the food is very good and the wine is great. It's usually a zoo. We usually sit at the bar, which wouldn't work for you, I guess, if you are bringing kids. Maybe others feel differently.... I'm very biased, especially when Dennis is behind the bar.

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      I totally agree with deborah. My wife and I love Otto and make it a point to go there whenever we're in the city. We always go late in the afternoon for wine and appetizers and sit at the bar. We usually leave the ordering up to Dennis, he never disappoints.

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        I'm a big Otto fan too and the last time I went was end of December for my birthday. Food was great and we had a lot of fun. I saw lots of tables with families - definitely kid friendly.

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          I think Otto has great food too! Great for kids because they have pizza and gelato and great for you because they have wine and antipasti and pasta dishes!

      2. I completely disagree with the other posters, and I am a fan of Babbo and Lupa, so I'm not a Batali-basher. The food we had on our one visit to Otto was bland. Aside from the pizza with bottarga (couldn't taste the bottarga, even after I got them to put more on it) I can't recall what we had, it was so forgettable.

        1. I am much more fond of their antipasti and desserts than their pizza or pasta. Your kids will love their gelato! (Olive oil gelato is decadent!)

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            I love Otto because of its price proposition. It's high level food at a low level price. Very nicely executed food with good and interesting flavor. The proposition becomes even better when you throw in the festive atmosphere, big wine list(with very healthy pours by the glass) and fun design of the restaurant.

            I hate Otto because of its consistently bad service. Even at four strong, the hosts/hostesses can't seem to squeeze out a "hello" when you stand at the podium. People with reservations are consistently seated 20-30 minutes late. And try flagging down your waiter to get a check at the end of dinner. You'll at least get some exercise craning your neck.

            So it's love/hate for me.

            1. re: kobetobiko

              The olive oil gelato is heaven on earth. Esp when you get those chunks of salt!! YUM!!

              Get it on the brioche with Nutella......

            2. i love Otto, but for some slightly different reasons than posted below.

              1) i rarely drink when i'm out, so i cannot comment on the wine. i've had it their before, by the glass. their by-the-glass prices seem steep, but the pour is very generous, so i think they're pretty fairly priced. but i haven't yet found an italian wine i like, so i'm not moved. they tend to be too acidic for me all around.

              2) pizza and pasta, in my experience, are fine, but nothing special. then again, pizza and pasta are not my thing, and i rarely find either to be anything special.

              3) the antipasti vegetables are stellar, and are usually what i make my meal from. and/or special ensalates. i've not really tried the meat or fish antipasti, but i suspect they are good as well.

              4) i go to Otto for the gelato. amazing stuff, their gelato is. the olive oil is a can't miss. the pistachio actually tastes like good pistachios with no artificial color, flavor, or (ick) almond. the hazelnut is lovely. the butter pecan is again satisfyingly salty and complex. i usually enjoy any "unusual" flavors. last time i went, i tried one of their constructed desserts for the first time (i got the olive oil copetta) and it was amazing. i don't usually like sorbets, but the flavor intensity in them, esp. the tangerine, was jaw-dropping. and the fennel brittle, delicious (also good combined with the pistachio gelato).


              1. I love Otto because of Dennis (mentioned above). As far as kids go they will enjoy the pizza and gelato. For adults I would get the eggplant caponata, white anchovy/bread crumb antipasti, and any of the salads. Don't forget the house cured meats and the Coach Farms triple cream cheese! I am sure because of the volume that Otto does there are many "off nights" but for the most part I have always had consistent results.