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Mar 27, 2008 09:14 PM

$150 To Spend on Friday

Tell me how you would spend my $150 bucks for two

Im fine with getting a few apps and cocktails somewhere more $$$$, use your imagination please!

Looking for something good!

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  1. Bar at No.9 Park -- 3 course fixed price menu @$45/person (me? steak tartare, truffled gnocchi and cheese) Start w/a cocktail, let the bartenders match wine, end with port w/your cheese course. Nothing could be better for the money.

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    1. re: purple bot

      i love it!

      any more ideas like this one?

      1. re: purple bot

        Have they always had this 3 course thing at the bar? Limited choices?

        I'd probably go to a couple different places, maybe combine No. 9 Park (not for 3 course meals tho) w/ a drink and snack at KO Prime or Locke Ober. Toro was a good suggestion. Then maybe Union or Rocca or try Banq (can't vouch for it, haven't gone yet). West Side Lounge and Chez Henri in Cambridge maybe. Bar at Rialto and Casablanca.

        1. re: Joanie

          I was pretty underwhelmed when I went to Banq a few days ago.

          I like those suggestions, and I would probably start out at No. 9 and have a cocktail or two and a snack, then move to KO Prime for the same.

          Then maybe Troquet, for some wine tasting, and more snackage.

          All within walking distance.

      2. The No. 9 idea sounds great. The first place I thought of was Toro. A few of my favorites from my last couple of visits are : short ribs with armagnac/prunes, smoked duck drumettes, and the dates with cheese.

          1. re: saltyair

            All good so far. Love Toro lately (skirt steak with cabrales butter sauce and, especially, the grilled and salted pimentons, plus whatever else).

            Gaslight has some winners, and you can sit and eat/drink longer (get to the bar EARLY): their new "beet root salade" (shaved raw beets with horseradish), steak tartare (with mushroom and truffle), and the poelee espagnol (cod/shellfish/chorizo pan roast with lotsa cream) are three of my favorites right now.

            Have fun!

          2. Went to Oleana last Friday and spent a little less than $150 but Mr. is a beer drinker so if you throw in a bottle of wine instead you can make it more expensive. Started with just the hummas and whipped feta, skipped getting what they call "appetizers", I had the duck schwarma with cardamom scented leek and mango chutney. Mr. had the special which was seared tuna over cranberry beans served with a torta containing manchego cheese, jamon serano, spinach and roasted red peppers. He said it was one of his top five meals ever. For dessert I had the bread pudding which was as excellent as I remembered it and (I'll go ahead and say it) is my number one restaurant dessert of all time.

            If you wanted cocktails too you could swing by B-side before dinner. If this rain clears up its not a bad walk.