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Is Splendido worth going to ?

Will be in Toronto for two days is Splendido worth one night?

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  1. Only if Ruth's Chris is fully booked

    1. Yes. :) It's really a treat, good food, wine, ambience, and service, can't ask for anything more!

      1. Yes, absolutely. I've never been disappointed with a meal there.

        1. It’s easy to recommend Splendido. The rub is whether or not you can afford it. Splendido exists in a different cost stratosphere than most Toronto restos (in just about all respects, really), so if you’re going to sweat the bill, you should consider a number of other excellent restos (many of which are common fodder on this board) that won’t cause the such a terrific haemorrhage. I go there with some frequency on bidnass, and I believe it’s a good value, but it’s never on my dime and I’m grateful for that.

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            Yes. Yes. Yes.

            Just go. It's awesome.

            1. Possibly the best urban restaurant in Canada.

              1. Can anyone comment on what i should expect to pay? My birthday is coming up soon and all I want is a nice meal out (well, and an upconverting DVD player), and Splendido is on a shortlist of places I want to visit. Very cost-sensitive at the moment, though, and am thinkng $500+ might be a little rich for dinner for two...

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                  It's going to cost you more than $500 for two. Tasting menu - $135 each. Wine pairings, another $100. Plus water, coffee, tax, tip, I'd be surprised if you got out of there for less than $650-700 all in.

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                    I paid around $400 for two, $135 tasting menu and 2 glasses of wine.

                  2. Splendido is rated amongst the top 10 best restaurants in North America that include Per Se, French Laundry, Jean George, Alinea and Manresa! Need I say more?!
                    As to the size of the bill, you should be able to get a rough idea from their website, www.splendido.ca. Remember, they are very accommadating, so you can even ask for a 'half portion' wine pairing. Or, per skylineR33, you can just order one glass of red and one white. They have some very interesting wine by the glass. Enjoy!

                    1. In all honesty--No. I took a friend to Splendido for his birthday, and although the service was impeccable and the food was fantastic, I just do not think it was worth $550. We didn't even go crazy--we had two glasses of champagne and a half bottle of red and ordered a la carte.

                      That being said, try The Rosebud on Queen Street West. The chef, Rodney Bowers is so cool (and can often be found cooking in his kitchen). His food is just as fantastic as Splendido, and for two you can spend around $100 (or less) for everything you could experience at Spendido for $500 plus.

                      1. Splendido is the best restaurant in Toronto. Yes, will probably cost $500+ but it's worth it.
                        However, most large N American cities have places that are comparable - often at higher cost!
                        You might also consider some places that don't have as many comparable places elsewhere.
                        In the same price range is Susur - more quirky with an Asian sensibility (although classically french-style background). The weirdest quirk is that he serves his menu 'backwards' - starting with the main course then moving on to the lighter 'appetizer-style' dishes. But still puts dessert at the end.
                        We also have perhaps the finest Portuguese restaurant in North America in Chiado. Also the most expensive Portuguese place in North America! But slightly less than those above.
                        And finally Lai Wah Heen - superb Dim Sum in particular - again you pay for what you get. I prefer going here for lunch - but this is elegant Cantonese dining and is relatively formal.

                        Lai Wah Heen
                        108 Chestnut St, Toronto, ON M5G 1R3, CA

                        864 College Street West, Toronto, ON M6H 1A3, CA

                        601 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA

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                          Thanks, I've been to susur, not impressed. I mean I got it, I liked the food, I just didn't like the atitude.

                          So I may save my pennies and hit splendido....as for the "nonsense" about the cost, I'd definitely go for the tasting menu! Not doing it would be like going to disneyland and not going on the best ride in the park! I want to see the chef at his best.

                          Have also had dimsum from LWH, and been to the sister place Lai Toh Heen. Nice, but not what I'm after for my birthday.

                          But thanks for reminding me about Chiado. I rarely hit the high end these days and I had forgotten about it.

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                            The alternative suggestions were really aimed at Wursthof (who started the thread). Visiting from Boston, I was trying to suggest places that were 'different' from Boston.
                            For Torontonians (who can theoretically save their pennies over time and visit any place) then Splendido is simple the best. So far I haven't yet made it this year but am also saving. I deserve it!
                            Although if Susur is indeed closing, maybe a fond farewell is required there first.

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                            All those places can be had on a lower (fine dining) budget. Call any of them on a Tuesday and tell them what your budget is. (And be reasonable.) They'll all find a way to accommodate. That's been my experience and that of several people I know.

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                              Splendido also waives the corkage fee on BYOW on Mondays.

                          3. Wursthof, In reading Matt and futronic's thoughts on Rosebud vs. Spendido, I should have made clear that I was responding to your concern about cost. Rosebud is certainly more relaxed than Spendido, and Rod Bowers plates his food in a more rustic style than David Lee, but I will maintain that you can get a better bang for your buck and receive an equally fantastic evening at this great restaurant. However, if highly refined service and delicately plated food is your wish, then prepare to pull out your credit card and use it well at Splendido.

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                              IMO, Rosebud does not worth one night if Wursthof will be in Toronto for only 2 days. I think this is his/her concern.

                            2. What's all this nonsense about it costing $500? There's no law that you have order the tasting menu. Their mains are about $45, pretty much standard for any up scale Toronto restaurants of far lower quality.

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                                The mains range from $42 to $49, with the average of all six being over $45.

                                It will easily cost $500 for two (with tax and tip) if you have a proper meal with an appetiser, main course, dessert and drinks. But you could probably just order the Rosemary Sea Salt Pommes Frites for $6 and a glass of water, and get out of there for less than $20 for two.

                                1. re: foodyDudey

                                  You're being condescending.

                                  For one person, app + main + dessert is under $100. Are you figuring another $100 for drinks?

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                                    I just saw your reponse today.

                                    We had the tasting menu plus wine pairings, which I can't remember the exact price of. I think it cost $120 or 130 for the tasting menu and $85 or so for the wine parings (this was exactly 2 years ago) which brings it up to somewhere around $205 per person.

                                    I think we had a drink before dinner, and I know we ordered a flight each of various icewines or champagnes after, ($30 each) (can't remember which) plus a cheese tray. ($20 or so)

                                    So the bill would have been 410 for food and wine, plus 60 for the flights, plus 20 for cheeses, + maybe 35 for a glass of champagne each before dinner = $525, plus taxes and tip and voila, you just topped $600 without even trying. It was her birthday so I wasn't keeping track, but didn't really expect to spend that amount. It was a great meal, but we decided we won't be doing that again. We'd normally eat there two or three times a year. A few weeks I took her to Scaramouche for her birthday and she enjoyed that, so we'll be paying them a few more visits before they move to their new location.

                                    Right now, the Splendido website lists the tasting menu and wine pairings at 140 per person + 99 for pairing wines - $240 pp
                                    so a similar dinner to the one we had 2 years ago will be well over $600 now.

                                    I'm not being condescending, I'm just reporting the facts. I'm not a $600 a meal type of guy.

                              2. Yes. If I could afford it, I'd go every week. As it is, I only go when I get a nice tax return. Enjoy