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Mar 27, 2008 08:40 PM

New member needs recommendations

Hi everyone,my wife, son and I be coming to Los Angeles in late July for 3 days to sight see and visit Universal Theme park. We'll be staying in a hotel within a few miles of the park(possibly within a few blocks of the park) and we'll have a rental car. I know that one day we'll eat at Rosco's Chicken an Waffles and another day it'll most likely be fast food for them(but not me). I on the other hand would like some recommendations on some good local restaurants that are inexpensive(less than $20) and not far from the park(nothing that's a 1/2 hour to hour away). I like Chinese, Mexican(Hispanic), Asian, BBQ, Hot Wings, etc, etc. I'm from Indiana and I like to eat at the local Mexican restaurants here so I was thinking that I should be able to get some Very GOOD Mexican food there. I'm open to all suggestions, if the restaurants have a web site or on-line menus that would be helpful too.

BTW, any thoughts on the "Hot Wings Café" in Los Angeles? Got some positive recommendations on another board about their wings. Thanks


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  1. If you like Thai food you are pretty close to the north hollywood thai area on Sherman Way (west of the 170 freeway). About 5 or so miles from Universal I'd say. Many really good places - do a search here for "noho thai" and "north hollywood thai" to find the threads.

    Actually, thinking about it, you are probably just as close to the official "Thai Town" on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood. So many many choices. If you search for "best thai los angeles" you will get an idea.

    Personally I would not go out of my way to eat at Hot Wings Cafe. Nothing earth shattering. Others may disagree.

    1. Since you've got a car, I say go to Koreatown. That way you have options like

      Kyochon (Korean fried chicken)
      Soot Bull Jeep (Korean BBQ)
      Guelaguetza (Oaxacan)

      You should be able to get there within a half hour depending on traffic on Western Ave.

      1. ..for some fun...take the subway to::::THIS IS EASY:::::MEXICAN____LA PARRILLA_____213 353-4930......then eat at the famous ____Langer's Delicatessen | 213-483-8050 | The World's Best Pastrami closes at 4pm...not open on Sunday...good for the best breakfast in L.A. !!!...this is a double win win as they are both on the red line subway...

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          Great suggestion - and let me expand on it. Since you're on the Red Line, take it to the end of the line at Union Station and go to Phillippes just north on Alameda. It's a venerable old place with french-dipped sandwiches and other far, and a unique LA experience not to be found anywhere else - Search the board for the details about Phillippes. I like the lamb and bleu cheese myself, and I love the pickled beets!

        2. Hot Wings is a waste of time - Blah! Since you will at the park why not try some places at City Walk - that way you won't be spending your vacation time in traffic. City Walk has multiple choices and it's great for people watching. Mexican food - for some reason I always end up at Casa Vega on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. They are open late and it may be the darkest eatery in the 818.

          1. I like Bubba Gump on Citywalk for their Shrimp New Orleans =d If you're going to take the Redline, try the Pantry, it should be open 24/7. And when you go to Roscoe's, make sure you don't go to the Pasadena one.

            If you're going to be on Hollywood Blvd., Shelly's Cafe has a mean philly cheesesteak, Beard Papa's is good for a cream puff, Baja Hollywood in the Hollywood&Highland has really good fish tacos and that Mexican and Chinese (great lunch specials) restaurant at the plaza of La Brea and Hollywood Blvd is very good too.