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Mar 27, 2008 07:37 PM

Kitty's Cafe- Kansas City

Ok I can't stand it any more- - why isn't everyone talking about this place? I tried to trick someone in to talking about it with my "pork-t" post and my "best liitle places" post some weeks ago, but no one said a word. I thought of keeping it a secret but decided against that and now I want to tell all. It's on the north side of 31st street east of Charolette- its small and funny looking from the outside but its a gem- with a pork tenderloin sandwich like no other place in town. Anyone like this place like I do?

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  1. Is Kitty's still operating??? I loved that place years ago, but it closed for awhile, after Kitty died, we were told. Really good pork tenderloin with sriracha and mayonnaise. Please tell me they are really open!

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    1. re: zataar

      I speak true words my friend- its really open

    2. What else does Ms. Kitty serve that's tasty besides pork tenderloin? I love PT's, but DH is not a fan...(can you imagine???)

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      1. re: stellamystar

        No I can't imagine should dump him. Just kidding. Kitty's has other items burgers, sandwiches. So I took a picture of the pork-t while sitting in my car - I couldn't wait to eat.

        1. re: goroe

          Is that a triple decker of pork tenderloins? Wowsers! Looks mighty fine!

          1. re: pollymerase

            some call it a triple decker- here at the office we call it a 3 stack.

          2. re: goroe

            Ha! You're right. The pic looks FABULOUS.

        2. It took me a while, but I finally go around to Kitty's pork tenderloin, good as advertised. I don't usually like even highly praised pork tenderloins, too big and too dry, which is probably in part why I kept putting off Kitty's. I love the triple patty treatment. Nice guy behind the counter too.

          A little more and a pic: