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Mar 27, 2008 07:18 PM

Chinese food on the Upper East Side

Going to the Met tomorrow and looking for moderatly priced recomendations nearby. I know of Wuliangye and Our Place, but im looking to see what else may be available.


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  1. I'm afraid I don't have additional recs, but if you do go to Wu Liang Ye, I heartily recommend the Ma Paul Tofu, which is extravagantly porky and spicy, and the Dan Dan noodles. Also, the Szechuan Pork Dumplings in roasted chili vinaigrette. Enjoy the museum!

    1. Also Chef Ho is highly recommended.

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      1. re: ajs42548

        I like the peking duck at Chef Ho and, surprisingly, the wonton soup, but I don't like their dumplings/scallion pancakes - I think the dough is just too thick.

        Another place to look into is Shanghai Pavilion - sort of fun vibe, but I did think it was a bit expensive. We get takeout from Pig Heaven, and I like it, but we did not enjoy our meal in the restaurant, which is a bit odd.

        1. re: MMRuth

          The two meals I had from Shanghai Pavilion (delivery) were vile. I would steer far clear of them.

          Chef Ho is one of the better choices on the UES (but that's really not saying much!).

      2. Nancy Lee's PIG HEAVEN!!! try the ribs!

        1. As an Asian food aficionado, only go to Wuliangye on 86th if you are taking your granny. It's some blaaaand food.

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          1. re: diablofoodie

            What have you ordered there that was so bland? I've had some lovely and spicy dishes there.

            1. re: MMRuth

              The food is all right, and the decent service and good location makes it appropriate for company. But--The restaurant is purportedly Sichuanese, and should make good use of huajiao (aromatic numbing peppercorns) which it doesn't. The menu is also not Sichuanese (though it does have some common Sichuan specialties). Additional thing that made me suspicious was I noticed that most of the people who work there are Cantonese (a great cuisine but completely antithetical to Sichuan food.)

              The food is...ok. But definitely not Sichuanese. Tamende lajiaojiang bu la. What can I say.

              1. re: diablofoodie

                There is another restaurant named Wuliangye. Which actually lives up a little to its moniker. It's in Midtown though.

                1. re: diablofoodie

                  Thanks - sounds like I should compare and contrast! Any particular dishes that you recommend I try at the Midtown location?

                  1. re: MMRuth

                    I'm not a huge Chinese food fan but I really enjoy Our Place on the UES. The food is so fresh and the service is excellent.

            2. re: diablofoodie

              Many rave about Wu Liang Ye on 86th (2nd/3rd).

              I wish I were one of them, as it's literally around the corner from where I live; but I've never been impressed.
              However, I have to disagree with the statement that all their food is bland. Anyone who says that just has not sampled enough of the menu. Some of the dishes will light a fire in your mouth.

              1. re: racer x

                Agreed. The level of spice is below Sichuan or Hunan, but above Guangdong. For those who feel that black pepper is spicy, this is more spice than you need!