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Mar 27, 2008 07:00 PM

Jfood in Delray - Cabana and Tramonti's

Jfood down south for some R&R this weekend and friends have reserved Cabana and Tramonti's

Anything special to order at these two places?


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  1. Never been to Tramontis but I do really like the Picadillo at Cabana

    1. great Mojitos at Cabana. I haven't eaten anything there I didn't like, let the servers guide you. If the weather is good try to sit outside.

      Tremonti's is ok, it's just another Italian. I personally would go to Gol for the most amazing Brazilian buffet and roast meats. I am going Sunday night (my birthday)

      1. Jfood--
        You might already know this, but if you are looking for something to do.

        Sorry I can't be more help with the restaurants...but thought you might like to know about the Affair.

        1. I believe the DELRAY AFFAIR is on this weekend. Be prepared for some crowds.

          1. Night 1 Cabana - drove to Delray around 5 and luckily found a parking spot within 15 minutes. The wandered around with mrs jfood. Seated outside at 7 with friends.

            Waitress was very efficient, on top of the table, not intrusive with a great personality and a smile to boot. Jfood was looking for light so he went with the cerviche and the chilean sea bass. Both were good but not great. The cerviche was missing the citrussy element and even in hindsight jfood is not sure what acid they used. It was scallops, calamari and shrimp. Fairly basic grouping of seafood. The others had the salads and these looked fantatstic and large. The sea bass was covered on a white sauce that jfood can only describe as gloppy and not overly tatsy. At a Cuban resto jfood was expecting some better flavors. The two ladies ordered shrimp dishes and the loved them and the salmon looked well prepsared as well.

            But for an tmosphere, sitting on the sidewalk with mrs jfood and good friends made this a perfect dinner. The food was definitely secondary and was OK.

            Dessert at Kilwins was great

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              I love Kilwins Jfood, good choice. sorry your meal at Cabana was so so, I usually go for the empanadas and other pastry things as they are more unusual.

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                after what jfood ate at home this week all he wanted was some healthy chow. the empanadas looked great as did the paella, but its almost swim season. :-))