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Jfood in Delray - Cabana and Tramonti's

Jfood down south for some R&R this weekend and friends have reserved Cabana and Tramonti's

Anything special to order at these two places?


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  1. Never been to Tramontis but I do really like the Picadillo at Cabana

    1. great Mojitos at Cabana. I haven't eaten anything there I didn't like, let the servers guide you. If the weather is good try to sit outside.

      Tremonti's is ok, it's just another Italian. I personally would go to Gol for the most amazing Brazilian buffet and roast meats. I am going Sunday night (my birthday)

      1. Jfood--
        You might already know this, but if you are looking for something to do. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/503560

        Sorry I can't be more help with the restaurants...but thought you might like to know about the Affair.

        1. I believe the DELRAY AFFAIR is on this weekend. Be prepared for some crowds.

          1. Night 1 Cabana - drove to Delray around 5 and luckily found a parking spot within 15 minutes. The wandered around with mrs jfood. Seated outside at 7 with friends.

            Waitress was very efficient, on top of the table, not intrusive with a great personality and a smile to boot. Jfood was looking for light so he went with the cerviche and the chilean sea bass. Both were good but not great. The cerviche was missing the citrussy element and even in hindsight jfood is not sure what acid they used. It was scallops, calamari and shrimp. Fairly basic grouping of seafood. The others had the salads and these looked fantatstic and large. The sea bass was covered on a white sauce that jfood can only describe as gloppy and not overly tatsy. At a Cuban resto jfood was expecting some better flavors. The two ladies ordered shrimp dishes and the loved them and the salmon looked well prepsared as well.

            But for an tmosphere, sitting on the sidewalk with mrs jfood and good friends made this a perfect dinner. The food was definitely secondary and was OK.

            Dessert at Kilwins was great

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              I love Kilwins Jfood, good choice. sorry your meal at Cabana was so so, I usually go for the empanadas and other pastry things as they are more unusual.

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                after what jfood ate at home this week all he wanted was some healthy chow. the empanadas looked great as did the paella, but its almost swim season. :-))

            2. Night 2 - Seasons - Boca

              This is a very interesting place. The outside has lots of lush plantings with low lights, and very smartly dressed entrance and plenty of parking. The lobby has a nice waiting area that over looks the bar area and on a saturday night there is some live music in the bar. There are a few dining rooms and the jfoods (a 3-top) were given a table in a six table room overlooking a 200+ wine cellar. The feel was a steak house.

              Then the menus were delivered and it was very strange. Written across the top was - All of our dishes contain less than 475 calories. Oh crap jfood is getting rabbit food for dinner. The servers are all adorable (both guys and gals) 20'ish college students and all of them were both friendly and professional. The jfood's waiter asked for the drink order and whether they wanted a flatbread while the menus were looked over. jfood jumped on that opportunity (already 8:00). The tomato cheese and basil flatbread was great and when the first was finished a second was ordered.

              Jfood ordered the chipotle chicken skewers for an appetizer and the scallops for an entree while mrs jfood and MIL ordered a salad and the goat cheese ravioli (app for entree night). The chicken was just passable, overcooked and the sauce tasted right out of the bottle. Not a memorable dish. The two salads looked fresh and the ladies told jfood they were great.

              The entrees. The goat cheese ravioli was one big free-form ravioli topped with fresh tomatoes and herbs. This was a big hit and definitely a must try for others going to seasons. jfoods scallops were grilled and lacked any seasoning, even some salt would have been nice. The scallops were cooked perfectly so for execution they were well done but for taste they were a little lacking. The scallops were served with asparagus which were very undercooked (could have used another minute in the blanching and some grill marks would have been nice as well) and a Jerusalem cous cous type grain that was served very clumpy. So the dish overall was OK, but at least very healthy.

              Dessert was a real treat. The waiter brings 8 desserts in large "shot glasses." and describes each. Thre was a key lime, a rocky road, pecan pie, red velvet cake (not really), etc. Jfood took a key lime and mrs jfood the rocky road. These were outstanding and just the right size.

              It was a very nice healthy dinner but remember to reach for the salt and pepper at the table. And the price point sorta peaks in the low 20's so it was a very good dinner for the price.

              1. Night 3 - Tramonti's

                Although the jfood's had a 700 reservation, they wandered through the street fair until closing at 600 and the walked to the restaurant. They would easily seat them early and the outside was still available, so they decided on a nice table overlooking the street. A little fresh air on a beautiful night. Then whack!!! the table next to them finished their apps and all four of them lighted up cigarettes. So here people try to take advantage of a beutiful night and clean fresh air and some jerks pollute everything with their stupid, habit. Rant over. The jfoods decided to move inside.

                A wonderful table in the back with a great server. Some great Semolina bread arrived (best bread of the weekend).

                Jfood started with fresh Buffalo Mozzerella and prosciutto. The mozzy must have been made that day as it was still oozing when jfood cut into it. And the prosciutto was three beautiful thin slices, with fantastic color and taste. This was the highlight dish of the weekend. Delicate, simple and delicious.

                For an entree jfood ordered the lobster ravioli. The raviolis were perfectly cooked. The pasta had just a bit of bite remaining, the filling was smooth and very tasty and the accompanying sauce was a nice balance. And as an added bonus a few 21-count shrimp were placed on top (also perfectly cooked). It was also an ample portion. This was a great meal.

                Dessert was once again Kilwin's but this time jfood settled on the Fudgue Brownie, excellent flavor but could use a little more of the brownie part.

                1. Night 4 - Prime Catch - Boynton Beach

                  Let jfood start by stating they were tired, just wanted some fish, had not planned on spending an extra night but business schedule allowed so they decided to stay for an extra day of a little shopping.

                  The restaurant has a great location overlooking the intercoastal and jfood has eaten there 3-4 time before so he knew what to expect, more substanence than great.

                  The wait was 1-hour, no big deal, it was only 630 so with an hour the jfoods would be seated at a normal up-north time of 730, works for M&M jfood. And almost to the minute a table on the deck opened up. A little breezy but the view was worth the slight breeze and thankfully none of those inconsiderate smokers were around.

                  There was really nothing on the menu that jfood wanted so he was after getting through the meal. A little Mahi sounded good and they have a Mahi Vercruz with tomatoes, olives, capers, etc. Sounded OK. and with a nice Stilton Salad, could be OK.

                  The salad was pretty good, a decent amount of stilton, the tomatoes were mid-summer quality the lettuces, very typical. The dressing was described as Champagne Vinny but had clumps of mustard that really woke the tongue up when they hit. But it was a pretty good salad.

                  The Mahi was covered, and jfood means covered, in the "Veracruz". They should have called it Veracruz with Mahi. Once jfood scraped 60% of the topping to the side he saw the filet. And it was a nice size, probably 6-8 oz. OK this should fill him. The fish was OK and the seasonings were totally wrong for the topping. The topping, thankfully used the same great tomatoes, so once jfood finished the fish there was plenty to accompany some pretty good bread.

                  So all in all it was a better than anticipated meal, but not a place to run back to, although jfood may be in the minority since this place is packed every night.

                  Thanks to everyone for suggestions and a great R&R long weekend.