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Mar 27, 2008 06:39 PM

Upcoming Lecture for DC Area Chowhounds

For those who are interested in the scientific basis of what we do, there is a lecture coming up that may be of interest. Here is a link:

Few have probably even heard of Janelia Farm, tho HHMI is becoming better known due to its sponsorship of Nova. Interesting organization--Nobel Prize central. Anyway, just getting into the Janelia Farm campus and seeing it is worth the trouble of going to this lecture. It's located near Ashburn Va., on Rt. 28. Zuker has done a lot of work on umami.

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  1. (regional, but not food)

    good lord HHMI (Howard Hughes Med Inst.) is about the largest privately endowed research center in the US. the campus was designed by Rafael Vinoly and is supposed to be stunning. (I worked on a design-build proposal for it years ago -sorry)