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Mar 27, 2008 06:20 PM

Cherry Street East

jfood: Did I understand you correctly when recently you stated that CSE had reopened?
Did they and have you been there yet and how is it?

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  1. Jfood drives by every day and cries. The parking lot is finished. All the garbage is gone. There is a new sign on the outside, but still covered with a green tarp. Rumors had ir opening on St Patty's day, liars.

    Jfood is planning on posting as soon as the sign is revealed and the cars are in the lot.

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      Thanks jfood. I knew I could count on you. While I was waiting for your response, I was reading about your experience at Cava Wine Bar in NC. We are going out to dinner Sat.night with a couple that we don't know very well and they choose the restaurant (CWB) and made the reservation. It sounds like I wish we were going someplace else but one can't insult another by saying they don't want to go. Any advice?

      1. re: jshap

        jfood can only wish you luck. If it is still as bad as jfood's experiences then his suggestion is park in the Bank of America lot atthe end of Forest and then when you finish you will walk right by Gelatissimo. Grab a medium half-half then if you are still hungry walk around the corner to Joe's pizza for a couple of slices.

        But stay away from the shrimp, jfood has received raw, same with the chicken. The risotto was half cooked. Advice is to play it safe and manage expectations.

        You can always see if you can get into Bistro Bonne Nuit. Major good meal there and Ro, the owner, is a lovely lady.

        Who knows maybe it got better, but jfood doubts it see the percentage of empty tables increase week after week.

        1. re: jfood

          The other couple chose the restaurant so I can't do anything except avoid the shrimp and chicken and look forward to Gelatissimo. Thanks for your advice.

    2. I thought of you all today as I drove by Cherry Street East and saw the tarp over the sign. Good golly, what's the delay???

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        THE TARP IS OFF THE SIGN! I hear from a few sources that we should expect an opening this weekend. I went by today and parked to take a look inside, something was going on and there was a post it on the door saying "Private Party". I am hoping that means they will be opening tomorrow and were celebrating! I may try to go by there tonight and check it out again.

      2. I went by this weekend and there was a post it note on the door that said opening Monday...yay! THats today!

        1. As jfood sits and writes this post, he is stll tasting the charcoaly goodness of the first CSE burger of the year. Yes it is open, yes it look sgreat and yes the burger are still very good.

          With a gap in the schedule jfood skidaddled over for a quick bite (turned out to be not so quick). Fortunately there was a seat at the bar (around 1220) and he immediately ordered the bacon cheeseburger with fries (gotta start small). It was quite a wait since the place was packed with a couple of people waiting. It probably took 35 minutes for the burger to arrive, but with some HD TV's cranking it was not a problem.

          75% of the bar was already in weekend mode and beers, wine and cocktails were flowing. Jfood could only giggle. The guy next to him was so busy pontifcating about "this happened in the fire" and "that happened in the fire" and "I spoke to John a hundred times" on and on. Everyone was glad it was open.

          When the burger arrived it was the old charred on the outside piece of meat, not worked too much with some cheese and a couple of slices of bacon. A little ketchup and jfood was on his way. The first bite brought the memories back. The texture still fell apart in his mouth the outside was nicely charred and the inside was a nice pink. Fries were OK, not great, but a little ketchup and it was fine.

          Some the weather is great and CSE is back.

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          1. re: jfood

            jfood Has the menu stayed the same? And how about the prices?

            1. re: tgseaver

              couple of data points:

              Old Faithful 7.95, w cheese 8.50; O'Burger 8.50; Stanley 10.25; chili 8.50, onion rings 5.75; 1/2 rack ribs 15.95, BB ribs 19.95

            2. re: jfood

              Returned for the first time this evening. What a pleasure! My DH had a cheddar burger, done perfectly medium rare as ordered, with none of the excessively-charred exterior often common before the fire, and, as in the past, traded up from potato chips to fries, now excellent shoestrings that have replaced the former intensely-seasoned planks. I had a Cobb salad that was HUGE and delicious. Nice selection of wines by the glass. Our first Friday back in the CSE groove! Woohoo! (Sorry we missed seeing you at lunchtime, jfood!)

              1. re: WendyBinCT

                I'm also happy to see CSE reopen, and I echo the positive reviews so far. Had the Vermonster the other night (cheddar, bacon, english muffin), nice and medium rare, good fries. Inside of the place looks right about the same, with slightly more seating at the bar, I think. Possible that more efficient use of space inside resulted in more seating? Glad to have them back.

                1. re: birddog

                  I went to CSE Saturday evening for my long awaited burger. It was great. Service was great and we are happy to have CSE back. I just wanted to make sure that after all my questioning and complaining that I checked in with a satisfied report.