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Mar 27, 2008 05:55 PM

PVD - Ruth's Chris or Capital Grille

We already have reservations for RC for tomorrow but thought it'd be interesting to hear opinions. Which do you prefer - Ruth's Chris or Capital grille and why?

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  1. I prefer CG, RC steaks and everything else they serve on the plate is always soaked in butter, aweful.

    1. I agree with treb. Of the two you mention, I like the Capital Grille over Ruth's Chris. Two times at Ruth's Chris and both times the steak was extremely underwhelming and sat in the sizzling butter overcooking. So much butter that it is all you can taste. The sides, dessert and wine list were good though. I also recently had a great steak, sides, service and wine at Fleming's.

      1. I suggest Ruth's Chris over CG anyday. All meals I have had at CG have been really bad. Steak overcooked, service atrocious, drinks amatuerishly made etc.

        On the other hand, all the meals at Ruth's have been excellent. Service is always wonderful and steak is always as requested. Drinks are made with competency. As to the butter issue, you dont have to have it. You can request extra, a little or none at all.

        Flemings is a good choice too, but the music they play in there (top 40, really loud) can be a real turn off.

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          I agree about Ruth's Chris and Flemings, but I have to say I've never had a bad experience at Capital Grille. They each have their good points.

          Ruth's Chris: great steak, but expensive. Some nights, you'll be the only table in the entire restaurant which, depending on your perspective, can be good or bad.

          Flemings: huge(!) wine list. Cozy, romantic atmosphere.

          CG: (IMHO) good food, busy atmosphere, reasonable prices.

          1. re: f1rehead

            I'd put Ruth Chris above most of the steak places in the area - including Morton's and the Capital Grille. I love the taste of that sizzling butter - but the steak is also well prepared - not overcooked and dry or flash broiled (outside black, inside pink) . The sides are wonderful, as well. I would highly recommend the Shrimp Remoulade appetizer instead of a salad. It's not a traditional remoulade (ala New Orleans), but I've always enjoyed it.

            You may want to try Grill 23. Pricey, but worth it.

        2. In simpler terms, Capital Grille serves dry-aged choice beef, and RC serves wet-aged prime beef. If you don't have a preference for dry aging, then RC is the quantifiably better product. It is a little more expensive for the customer, but the product costs nearly twice as much.

          1. absolutely neither. RC is ridiculously overpriced and capital grille is a joke to prov residents. flemmings was VERY good last time i was there and for a unique steakhouse experience i would highly recommend Prime located on atwell's ave (free valet parking). do try the french onion soup, and my fav is the veal porterhose seared to perfection, sans sauce! please don't waste your money at crappy chains that don't even know their own zip code. :(