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Mar 27, 2008 05:34 PM

Phoenix Ranch Market options

I' ve been reading great things about the Ranch Market in Phoenix and want to stop by when I am in town next week. I noticed on the website that there are four locations in the Phoenix area. Do they all have the same type of selection (re food court, produce etc) or is one superior to the others? We're staying in Tempe but i'm willing to drive into PHX if it is worth it!


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  1. Phoenix Ranch Market is a true gem. It is worth the drive, IMO. Of course, I drive from East Phoenix there all the time, so there you go.

    The big location that gets all the raves is the one at 16th Street and Roosevelt in Phoenix. It has the massive food court, heavenly bakery and you can stroll for a good hour down the aisles. If you would prefer to do a sit down meal with full table service, simply walk next door to Tradiciones and have a good meal (although stick with the more authentic stuff instead of the Americanized items).

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      linky dink

      Phoenix Ranch Market III
      1602 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85006

    2. I love the horchata available at the juice stand in the food court. It's much better than what I got at Tradiciones next door. Cheaper, too. I usually get one to sip on while we browse the goodies.

      1. totally worth it :)

        i love the fresh mango yogurt - they make it in house every day, as well as the fresh crema. good times :) and the great chilis, and calabacita's are good too.

        great seafood selection - they've always had baby octopus on every visit, nice fish, GREAT prices.

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          Mixed opinion - after reading the reviews on this board, I got the impression that Tradiciones was the answer to every dining need ever expressed on this board. Need a family meal in East Mesa? take em to Tradiciones. Need a business dinner in Glendale, Tradiciones! A romanitic dinner for two in Scottsdale, Tradiciones was the answer!

          So I tried it for a weekend lunch with my girlfriend. Atmosphere wise. I have to admit it could easily accomodate big groups, couples, families, business lunches, etc. Great dining room festive atmosphere, even some privacy in booth seating. Wonderful!

          But the food was average at best. Bland red sauce, lukewarm enchildas, stringy beef machaca. Not all that great.

          Fun yes, Exciting market, yes, good service yes, but food, average at best ...

          1. re: kmarg

            I can say that I've personally recommended Tradiciones on this board in the past, but usually coupled the recommendation with emphasis on visiting the Ranch Market as well, because I think alone, Tradiciones isn't a show-stopper. The food is good, but there is better. The food court next door, on the other hand, is like few places around - there is great variety, all of it very fresh, and it's super cheap. I will go back to Tradiciones, but I'd still rather eat the birria or street tacos next door with a horchata for cheaper. And I usually can't walk out without some seafood, carne asada ranchero, the list goes on. Really a great place.

            1. re: kmarg

              Agreed -- we no longer visit Tradiciones, and find the food at the food courts inside any of the locations is far superior.

              1. re: kmarg

                I voiced similar sentiments about Tradiciones in the "Favorites you don't get" thread winedubar(?) started a few months ago. Great service, festive atmosphere, but lackluster food on my two visits. I definitely would give the nod to the food court for eating, but I'm still willing to give the much-lauded margaritas at Tradiciones a try.

                All of that being said, if someone can recommend one knockout dish at Tradiciones, I'd be willing to give that a try. Barring that, I see Tradiciones edging ever closer to my list of permanently written-off restaurants.

                1. re: hohokam

                  I like the Camarones Rancheros a lot and always order that when there.

                  We went with our dinner club last year and a few folks ordered the mixed grill. Haven't had it myself but they all liked it.

                  I have found that then non-combo items are much better than anything such as an enchilada plate...

                  All that said I won't argue that the food court options are generally much better(el pastor tacos!)

                  1. re: hohokam

                    I think the knockout dish at Tradiciones is the carne asada mixed grill platter. Every time I've had it' it has been stunning.

              2. Just went to Phoenix Ranch Mkt in Northern Phoenix?....I don't think it was "the big one" but I don't feel deprived by any means! :)

                Taco Tuesday was a deal at 75 cents per taco! Al pastor was my fav...There were tamales, tortas, you name it - I felt like I was in the Willy Wonka garden..
                Horchata was incredible..
                got some real Mexican Coca Cola and a lovely NOT greasy churro.
                A Cheap, fun meal..ate at picnic tables in the store/deli area.
                The guac and homemade chips were awesome, too.
                We went on a Tuesday at 2PM and the place was busy!
                Lovely cold fruit salads, ceviche bar, etc.

                1. Agree with everyone. I've been a Ranch Market fan since they opened the first store but I also think 16th street and Roosevelt is the best. Try going on a weekend when they have lots going on in the parking lot and frequently mariachi's. The prepared food is very good and reasonably priced.