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Mar 27, 2008 05:18 PM

Butcher Shop in Nashua?

I just moved to Nashua and would like to know a good place to get meat. I BBQ a lot in the summer and need a place to get good pork shoulder.

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  1. Butcher Boy in Andover isn't too far and has great stuff.

    1. Blood Farm in Groton MA gets good reviews. There's a butcher in Pennichuck Square--Bare Bonz. North of town in Bedford NH are Bedford Prime Meats and The Meat Shoppe. Lots of people like the place in Hudson--I've forgotten the name--is it Mr. Beef?

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        Second Blood farm. You should call a day or two ahead and order exactly what you want. They'll have it cut to order when you get there. Try their house smoked bacon too...

        I smoke a few 9lb bone in pork butts from Blood Farm for pulled pork. I freeze it in individual servings and it rewards me for months afterwards. Nothing like smoked pork butts!

        1. There's a Bull Run Beef market in Hudson, not far from Nashua. There is also one in Manchester/Hooksett. Good sirloin tips marinated although sometimes a little on the fatty side. They don't have the selection of Butcher Boy in Andover or even The meat house in bedford.

          1. Hi Evan...

            I have lived in the Nashua area for years. I dont usually go to a butcher except for special occasions and specific cuts. I also do a decent amount of BBQ in the summer. For Pork shoulder, you can go to either Market Basket. I also go to Sams Club often for Pork Butt when I want to make pulled pork. It ranges from$1.27/lb to $1.79/lb. I also get my pork loin ribs there at Sams.

            To answer your more specific question about butchers, I would try Angus Butcher(formerly Franks Place Butcher) in Merrimack. It is a small privately run place, but it is close and I find the service good. It is on the southern end of Merrimack so depending on where you are in Nashua, it will be very close.

            If you are close to Bedford there is a new butcher shop across from Harvest Market(Vista foods) right on Rte 101. I dont recall the name but it is a new building right on 101 on the corner of Wallace Rd., again in Bedford.

            Hope that helps