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Mar 27, 2008 05:17 PM

is there a website for Silverstein's Bakery

Just wondering if anyone can help me find a website for Silverstein's bakery? Just trying to find out what their hours of operation are so that I can pick up some bagels and dinner rolls.

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  1. The phone number I have is (416) 598-3478. Find out when what you want is coming out of the oven and be there shortly after. But Silverstein's for Bagels??

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    1. re: embee

      I'm not discerning about the source for this occasion. I have a very small window of time to pick up breakfast for a group of students on Monday morning.

      1. re: embee

        LOL!!! Best laugh I've had all day....thanks embee.

        1. re: embee

          I remember they had the best onion buns. But that was 30 years or so ago. I don't imagine it's changed much. I'm sure they didn't make bagels back then.