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Mar 27, 2008 04:52 PM

Pagoda in Scarsdale... What happened? Way downhill!

For the past year or so, Pagoda has been pretty reliable. Not greasy, fresh food, fast service. I've even given them props here on this board. But the last 2 trips (both times takeout) were a complete mess!

Couple of weeks ago, the broccoli in the chicken with broccoli was overcooked to the point of mush, the egg rolls were soaked with grease and the soup container was not full. OK, maybe a bad night so we stayed away for a bit.

Ordered again last night and the noodles in the lo mein were pasty and undercooked and the dish had absolutely no flavor. Soup container was full this time but the number of wontons had decreased by nearly half. I called the manager and let him know about this order and the previous one and he seemed apologetic but didn't understand why I thought the noddles weren't good. OK... 2 dinners now ruined (total about $60) so time to scratch this off the list.

Anyone know if there was a change in management or staff here? Or just a case of cost cutting? The waitstaff all look familiar to us so I'm thinking it's the kitchen.

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  1. I have a theory on chinese restaurant chefs. I have eaten in and taken out from many chinese restaurants, including Pagoda, and the take out never compares to the taste of the food when eating in. I think there is a large turnover of chefs and the new ones are used to prepare the take out orders and therefore the food will be different each time. This is only my guess.

    1. The chef is cooking at a restaurant on Kissena in Flushing. My regular waitress left as well. EVERYTHING taste different now. Very disappointed.

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        Wow pabboy... thanks for the heads up! I had a feeling something was very different when I was there last--the young lady who usually took the to-go orders in the back wasn't there either but the waiter we usually have when dining in was. Guess I'll grab a rec from one of the other posts for the next round of takeout and see what happens. Have a good weekend!