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Georgetown Bagelry on M Street Closed!!! Where do I get Great NY-style Bagels, now?

I am so upset that Georgetown Bagelry on M Street that I can think straight! It was a routine to head over to G-Town every weekend and get my Miami Bagel (Lox/Cream Cheese on Salt Bagel) and an Egg-n-Cheese with Bacon on the very best Everything Bagel you could find in the entire DC Metro Area! If the owners are listening find a new in town spot! I know Georgetown rents are through the roof! I could help you open it!

Now there really is NO reason to go to Georgetown...parking bites and most of the retailers are rude and self absorbed!

Anyone got a great tip on where I need to go to get my fix? (Metro-accessible preferably).

Sad in the City,

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  1. Port of Piraeus gets H+H fresh from NYC everyday - not as fresh as the location on B'way on the UWS mind you and no lox...

    don't know what weekend hours might be. Metro Center and Foggy Bottom locations (maybe more)

    1. Calvert Woodley, the high-end wine store in Van Ness, ships in H&H bagels from NYC pretty regularly. I think they flash-freeze them or something...but you should probably check with the store manager. I've had them often and they're just as good as H&H back home in NYC - boiled and baked to perfection. Calvert Woodley is literally 20 feet away from the Van Ness Metro.

      btw - nice to know someone else out there likes salt bagels...!

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          I believe it is called par baked-- formed, dipped in boiling water, then half cooked and individually flash frozen, transported to where it is going (I believe La Brea bakery pioneered par baked bread), then "cooked off" at the final destination, leaving a crispy, fresh crust and soft interior.

            1. re: flavrmeistr

              Kind of like Subway rolls, La Brea bread and most bread you buy that tastes good from grocery stores like Wegmans, HT, etc.

              Not so eewww, you snob.

              1. re: ClevelandDave

                I haven't shopped at any of those other places, but I don't care for Subway rolls or the nasty stale smell of their frozen dough. I prefer freshly prepared baked goods, which are still available in a few places. Guilty as charged, amigo.

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                  There's no doubt that there isn't much to say that's positive about the taste of Subway rolls except they are (sometimes) warm. But the method they use is a good one. While not absolutely quite as good as fresh, par-baking can be nearly as good. As with any food, it all starts with the ingredients used, so what you put in, even using a good method for baking, is what you get out, my friend.

                  1. re: ClevelandDave

                    You're welcome to my share of the par-baked goods. I'll save my money for the mediocre, highly-processed food products I enjoy--like Budweiser or fried pork rinds.

                    1. re: flavrmeistr

                      fried pork rinds... now that's delicious

                      I miss the days I could walk out of home on Sundays and pay $3.00 for breakfast for 5 people, fried heart, fried pork rinds, hojaldres, yuca and patacones... 15cents cup of watery coffee... but 15cents!!!

                      1. re: helenahimm

                        Me too. In Hialeah, cafe con leche, eggs and Cuban toast for 3 bucks. Bread baked on the premises. Huge Cuban sandwiches with chicharrones, roast pork, ham and Jarlsberg cheese for 4 bucks. A full lunch of masitas or rabo w/congri or black beans and rice, boiled yucca or boniato and ensalada aguacate for less than five bucks. Boy, do I miss it!

                        1. re: flavrmeistr

                          Headingt to FL for two weeks after Christmas and ready for my annual Cubafest... thanks for the note!

        2. Certainly not of the quality I use to get in NY or Boston, but I always enjoyed the bagels and bagel sandwiches at So's Your Mom in Adams Morgan. When I lived in the area I would often get an everything bagel with chive cream cheese and a large coffee Sunday mornings. Pretty good. Plus their sandwiches (which they'll put on a bagel as well) are super good. ANNNND you can get Dr. Brown's there :)

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            I agree with Elyssa completely! I go to So's Your Mom frequently and have found there bagels to be pretty decent on their own. There sandwhiches are really good as well. Right down on Columbia past the blockbuster at Columbia and 18th.

            So's Your Mom
            1831 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009

          2. There's a bagel shop/deli on Wilson Boulevard at Court House Road in Arlington, very close to the Court House Metro. Brooklyn Bagel maybe? It's slipped my mind at the moment. Good bagels, definitely different from the bread-with-a-hole that usually gets passed off as bagels these days.

            And if you don't like what you see and smell when you get there, there are about half a dozen decent eateries in the block.

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              You've got the name right; it's Brooklyn Bagels. Their bagels are very good.


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                The truth is that I didn't like their bagels (Brooklyn Bagel) on the other hand I never grew up with them so I don't know what a traditional good bagel should taste like.

                I've been to Einstein Bagels and I enjoyed the honey one.. but again i have no experience with bagels so if anyone suggests a place I should try I will appreciate it =)

              2. That is a major shame, I loved that place. I had no idea it was gone. Depressing.

                1. There is a shop in Alexandria on King Street (away from old town heading towards baileys-at the 395 ramp). It is in a shopping center with a washington sports club, giant, and several other stripmall type vendors. It is called Bagel Shop (previously called Bagel City). It is very good. Fresh water boiled bagels. But this location is not really accessible by metro (short cab ride from king street metro).

                  Also, what about Brueggers?

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                    The same people who owned the bagel store in Georgetown also owned one in Bethesda by the same name (the Georgetown Bagelry). Not exactly metro accessible but the bagels are wonderful. Its on River Road as you are coming out of DC on the right - after Little Falls Parkway in the shopping center with the Whole Foods. Yummy everything bagels. And I can also testify that the Bagel Shop in Alexandria is fantastic. Similar atmosphere. The Bagelry is more authentic though - if I ate lox I'd be happier eating them at the Bagelry.

                    1. re: Smiles2008

                      It sounds like you are describing the Capital Bagel Bakery in the Bradlee Shopping Center (3610 King Street). IMO these are among the best bagels in the area. Also, the Georgetown Bagelry on River Road in Montgomery County (owned by the original owwners of the Georgetown store) still produces a quality product. A lot of folks like Brooklyn Bagels at Court House in Arlington. I think they let the dough rise too much and the outer shell is too soft.

                    2. Never liked G'town Bagelry. The best bagels I've found in DC metro area are made by the Manhattan Bagel chain. I have yet to find a place that makes a good bialy.

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                      1. re: Ericandblueboy

                        I agree with you on not finding bialys in the DC area, but Manhattan Bagel, are you kidding? Only a half-step above frozen Lenders bagels!

                        Georgetown Bagelry are very very good, as are Bagel City and Ize's Bagels in Rockville.

                        1. re: DanielK

                          If you like bready bagel. I like denser bagel with a hard outer crust and Manhattan does the best version around these parts. No wonder I don't mourne the loss of G'town Bagelry. When I lived in G'town, I'd get my bagel with lox and cream cheese from Dean & Deluca.

                          1. re: Ericandblueboy

                            Georgetown Bagelry supplied Dean & Deluca's bagels.

                          2. re: DanielK

                            Just got back from Bagel City in Rockville. I'm impressed. Our best in NoVa can't really approach that for flavor, chew, tenderness, or appropriate size (not too big).

                            1. re: Steve

                              Better than Brooklyn's in Arlington? I live in Rockville (never had Bagel City), raised in NY, and Ive been swearing that Brooklyn's is by far the closest thing to the real deal.....

                              1. re: ciaoda

                                Yes, better than Brooklyn's. Easier to eat and tastier and a bit smaller.

                                I look forward to trying Ize's and Georgetown the next time I'm up in MoCo.

                                1. re: Steve

                                  The best bagels made anywhere near DC is Market Street Bagels in Frederick (next to Carroll Creek on South Market). They are amazing. On weekends, the line is out the door. It's worth the wait. Randy the owner was recently elected Mayor of Frederick, probably on the strength of his baking skills alone.

                                  1. re: flavrmeistr

                                    Now that's a campaign platform I can identify with.

                                    1. re: Steve

                                      Indeed. However, I didn't vote for him because I was afraid the pressures of office might adversely impact his true talents. Politicians are a dime a dozen. A good bagel is infinitely more rare.

                                    2. re: flavrmeistr

                                      it's a shame is almost 50 miles far for me =( if i have to drive to Frederick though I will make sure I try them bagels.

                            2. re: Ericandblueboy

                              Bagel City in Rockville Pike makes bialys. I agree, they are rare around here.

                              1. re: jkosnett

                                Wegmans has good bialys, with plenty of onions and poppy seeds in the middle.

                            3. I agree about the Miami Burger, with one caveat: there are no capers. The last time I asked (admittedly at least 6 months ago) I was told you do not stock capers. Is this an non-traditional ingredient?

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                              1. re: dcs

                                We've stocked them in the past and there simply isn't enough demand. Occasionally, they're requested for larger catering orders.

                                1. re: MaryBeallAdler

                                  Capers for Miami's 24/7:) Glad you mentioned it.

                              2. Although I didn't necessarily love Gtown, it liked them a lot (and it was hard to beat the satisfaction of parking out front before 7 for a hot salt bagel on an otherwise tedious drive to the office). As far as downtown bagels go, Bruegger's Bagels aren't bad. There is a new one at 2101 L Street. While a chain, it may be the best of the chains. I used to like Chesapeake, but as far as I can tell, they're history (although the former outpost in Olney is still pretty good as an independent).

                                1. Honestly the only place that even comes close to NY bagels is Bagel Place in College Park - if you're willing to make the drive there. It's not really metro accessible, unfortunately. My husband is from NY and we have yet to find "NY" bagels in the DC area ...
                                  I've heard that the Brooklyn Bagelry place in Clarendon is supposed to be good as well, but we didn't really enjoy the bagels when we went there. Maybe it was an off-day...??? That is off the Courthouse metro and on Wilson Ave.

                                  1. Jersey Girl in DC area here. I've just resorted to baking my own damn bagels. It's in the water, like with pizza! :o)

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                                      I guessing it's in the flour and the equipment as well. Market Street Bagels gets their flour from New York and brought their whole set-up down from Long Island where they started out. Again, they are the best I've had in the area. Their lox is higher quality and less expensive than the grocery store, half a pound for about 8 bucks. My standard order is a garlic with lox, cream cheese and capers. They give me frown when I ask for it toasted, but they do it anyway.

                                    2. Yes, Ize's is good; I often forget about it because Bagel City is further up the road and I pass it first.

                                      The best bagels in the area are from Goldberg's in Pikesville, which keeps kosher hours if anyone accidentally tries to go there on a Saturday expedition from Washington to Baltimore.

                                      1. In addition to Bagel City in Rockville, which someone else has written about in the blog, the readership should definitely high-tail it to the Royal Bakery & Delicatessen in Germantown (metro accessible via Shady Grove and the Germantown connector bus if you have time to kill). Family owned and operated by former New Yorkers, they've got the best bagels in northern Montgomery County. Last night (eve of the snowstorm) they sold out completely. They have both Italian specialties and Jewish specialties.. there's no bakery like it anywhere in the DC metro area, in my opinion. Where else can you get bakery-fresh challah, bagels, biscotti, and even stromboli (weekends).

                                        1. I finally got around to trying the "New York-style" bagels at Slice n' Dice in Crystal City (since I work in the area), and I have to say...they are pretty good. The dough's a little on the sweet side, but they're made fresh daily on-site and they've got a great crust. I always go close to when they open in the morning and the bagels are ALWAYS nice and warm. Got a plain one and kept it around for a bit to see how well it went down when it was cold, and the outside stayed crunchy while the inside got a little chewier...which is good since when it's warm, the inside is a bit soft. Great for bagel breakfast sandwiches when the bagel is warm, but if you just like noshing on a bagel without anything on it, I like my insides to be a bit firmer.

                                          I'm starting to really like this Slice n' Dice place. Maybe today I'll swing by after work and grab a bagel to take back home with me, see how they are closer to the end of the day...

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                                          1. re: yfunk3

                                            I had a bagel at Goldberg's in Silver Spring. The chew was right but the crust a little soft without the proper crackle. The Bagelry in Colesville gets the crackle right, but there isn't the same chew and the toppings are a little heavy handed. If the two could combine, then we would have a great bagel. But either of these is way better than anything else I have had in the metro. Dang long trip for a bagel!

                                            1. re: fudizgud

                                              What's so bad about heavy handed toppings? You buy a plain bagel on the side and have two sandwiches for little more than the price of one.

                                          2. I've lived in either Bethesda or North Bethesda for the past 20+ years, and I have to say that Ize's has the most delicious bagels and sandwiches. I LOVE their tuna salad on a sesame bagel with lettuce, tomato, and onion. Also, their whitefish salad is DE-licious! When I was in high school, I went to Bethesda Bagels on Bethesda Avenue for my bagels. They were good--very large, chewy bagels. For some reason, my preferences have changed. These days, I prefer Ize's bagels. They aren't big ginormous bagels, but they are so chewy and delicious. They are the perfect size for me. When I was pregnant with my one year old son, I ate at least three sandwiches a week from Ize's, and bought a baker's dozen of bagels and their veggie and lox cream cheeses there once a week. If you don't mind schlepping out to Rockville Pike OR getting off at White Flint metro (it's across the street from Ize's), a delicious meal and good service can be enjoyed. I highly recommend it!

                                            1. I've found surprisingly good bagels at Vermont Village Cafe on Vermont Ave a block north of McPherson Square. AND they have smoked salmon, which was surprisingly difficult to find downtown. I found myself particularly jonesing a bagel with smoked salmon one morning, left the office, and walked from Franklin Square down through the area around Metro Center, down to Federal Triangle, then back up to McPherson Square before finally stumbling upon Vermont Village Cafe just as I was about to give up all hope. They carry about 7 or 8 different kinds of bagels (this morning was plain, poppy, onion, garlic, everything, pumpernickel, sesame, and something else I don't remember) and the bagel w/ smoked salmon, cream cheese, and onions is only $4.95. Unfortunately, I think they only have plain cream cheese and they don't carry salt bagels. Nobody does :(((.

                                              Vermont Village Cafe
                                              1025 Vermont Ave NW Frnt 2, Washington, DC 20005

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                                              1. re: terpdx

                                                Not so. Bruegger's has salt bagels. They also have two stores in the city, although I've only been to the one at 21st and L. I don't think they have lox, however.

                                                500 John Carlyle St, Alexandria, VA 22314

                                                1. re: pgreen

                                                  The Brueggers in Old Town Alexandria, at least, does a typical NY-style lox on bagel (w/ schmear, tomato, capers, and onions). I don't remember if Einstein Bros has salt bagels, but they do also have lox.

                                              2. My favorite bagels in DC are from Bagels Etc. on P street near the Dupont metro. They (almost) taste like NYC bagels and have a bunch of different flavors (including salt).

                                                1. Bruegger's Bagels are in this area? When I lived in Raleigh (over 12 years ago) those were the closest to New York bagels I could find. Their chicken salad on pumpernickel bagel was divine (and I used to avoid bagel sandwiches until I tried them at Brueggers). Too bad there isn't one in Fairfax. When we moved up to NoVA, I wrote to Bruegger's asking if they'd open a place here and the president of the company wrote back and said they'd tried it around here and it wasn't successful (he then asked if I'd like to open one :)

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                                                    There are 2 or 3 in DC proper, and I believe one each in Arlington and Alexandria, so apparently they rethought the economics of being in this area.

                                                  2. You can get par baked H Street bagels (the real thing) at Calvert Woodley (they bake them Saturday morning- still warm last time I went Sat AM). Chesapeake Bagels in Bethesda also does a nice job-- try the flagels if you like a chewy bagel like treat....

                                                    1. I really dont get it, I mean its just boiled flour, water, and yeast. What can really be so complicated about it that only "NY" does it right?

                                                      Probably the artificial fillers and dough conditioners. There are Jewish communities all over the United States, Baltimore having a large Jewish population...im sure they have their own bagels too.

                                                      United States
                                                      400 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC 20202

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                                                      1. re: LostToken

                                                        Well, there's actually more ingredients than that. But the key one is malt syrup - most places substitute with (much cheaper) sugar or corn syrup.

                                                        You also have to boil and THEN bake the bagels - many places steam rather than boil, or skip that step completely.

                                                        1. re: DanielK

                                                          I guess I had thought that malt syrup is what distinguishes Montreal bagles (which have it) from NY bagels (which don't). Or am I wrong? In either case, boiling is the difference between a chewy bagel and a donut-shaped puffy roll.

                                                        2. re: LostToken

                                                          I've heard some people claim that it is NYC water that makes the difference. Doesn't make sense to me, but that is what some people claim.

                                                          1. re: LostToken

                                                            There are good bagel places all over the country, and you don't have to be Jewish to make a good bagel, just like you don't have to be Jewish to Love Levy's (if you don't understand the reference, don't worry about it).

                                                            DC just happens to not have too many good bagel places, and each place that makes them does them a bit different-- for example Montreal bagels, while they have about the same ingredients as all the others, taste quite a bit different than anything you'll find around here.

                                                            If you don't believe me that "a bagel isn't just a bagel" because they contain basically the same ingredients I'll refer you to the best steak in the city discussion and the who makes the best pizza arguement and if you like how about who makes the best new england lobster roll as three of many examples of food products made of the same ingredients and methods with very different results and very strong opinions about it....

                                                          2. Bagels Etc. on P Street (mentioned elsewhere in this thread) produces very decent New York style bagels in DC. My regional local favorites are (1) Bagel City in Rockville (best overall plus they have bialys) (2) Royal Deli in Germantown. Sorry, no Montreal style bagels anywhere, you'll have to carry them on the plane back from YUL. I shlep bagels in from NYC, Connecticut, and Florida.

                                                            1. Finally made it to Brooklyn Bagels in Courthouse, Arlington and can vouch for the quality of their bagels. Seems like you need to get there before 10 or 11am on the weekends, though, to ensure they'll have the flavor you want. They share the same annoying trait with other bagel places where they won't make near enough garlic/onion/salt/everything/etc. bagels to last through breakfast, but they'll have a huge basketful of cranberry-jalapeno leftover. Also, it's cash only and service can get a little Soup Nazi when the line is long so hit up the ATM beforehand and know what you want before you get to the front of the line. But they have salt bagels AND they have lox AND it's across from the Metro station AND it's tasty, so I'll keep giving it a recommendation.