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Mar 27, 2008 04:24 PM

Peachier muffins

I've recently been playing with a pear-ginger muffin recipe (the canned pears' flavor infused the batter pretty well), and decided it would be fun to substitute peaches for a different flavor. The problem is, the peach version just isn't very flavorful. I've been using canned peaches, finely chopped for good distribution. I was thinking of adding either some of the juice from the can of peaches, or some peach jam, but am worried it would throw off the muffins' chemistry. (Current liquids include buttermilk, vanilla, and a bit of melted butter.)

Does anyone out there have any ideas as to how to increase the peachiness of the muffin batter?

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  1. You could just try adding some lemon juice to the peaches which might brighten up the flavor.

    1. What about using sun dried peaches for a more concentrated flavour?

      1. Try adding almond flavouring. Don't chop peaches so finely so you get a better flavour burst in the mouth. I agree about the chemistry. I wouldn't change buttermilk or butter amounts. But you could probably add peach jam without doing harm. Why not put a dollop of peach jam in each muffin?

        1. I would add the peach jam, cause the juice will make to runny. The jam will have more flavor in it and sugar is what you want in that light of a muffin mix.