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Do you cut off the stem end of mushrooms?

I just always do this when slicing mushrooms, as I think I learned the cut end would always be tough. Is this standard practice or is it unnecessary? Thanks.

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  1. Depends on the mushroom. For the common button, I slice off only the very end of the stem to make it even and to get rid of any nasty bits. Then I thinly slice the whole thing, ending up with some slices of the cap alone and others of cap and stem--resulting in two-dimensional whole mushroom slices.

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        I do this. Makes sense. Thanks for the confirmation, Sam!

      2. Interesting question. I do it automatically on button mushrooms b/c my mom always did (of course, she sometimes also removed the whole stem, which I always protested against). I'll be interested to read the replies.

        1. I break the stems off to make slicing the caps easier, but I slice them across the grain and use them.

          The only stems I toss are those of Shitaki mushrooms, as they are too fibrous to be edible.

          1. nope-- i twist them off.

            1. small mushroom jfood snaps off the bottoms.

              1. I used to slice off, now a never do. They are never tough for me, and why waste?

                1. The only stems I keep are a bit of cremini or white...otherwise..Off with their heads!

                  1. For the common white mushroom, button, king oyster, oyster, etc:
                    Not standard. Totally unnecessary. Don't waste the 'shroom.
                    I always slice em from top to bottom when they need to be sliced, otherwise the whole puppy goes into whatever I'm cooking.
                    Some mushrooms the stem is/becomes woody or fibrous like the coral or cauliflower mushrooms. Sometimes shiitake. In those cases you would lose the stem.

                    1. As a mushroom lover, I don't waste it. The only stems I can think of that I chuck are the shitake stems. Only a retard would chuck a porcini stem.

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                        Only a retard would chuck a pocini stem? You made my day!

                      2. It's "waste not want not" for me. If it's tough or discolored, I trim it, but if the stems are tender, like Kelli, I'll slice across the grain and use them. For some dishes I'll simply chop the mushrooms, stem and all. Fiberous stems get put in the "stock bag" in the freezer for use in stock bases.

                        1. When I cut off the stem end of the shitake, if they are really fresh and not dried out I put them in my mini blender and then use them in soups, sauces, chili, almost anything.

                            1. As others have said, only the parts that are extra dry, woody or fibrous. I use as much of the mushroom as possible.

                              1. I never remove the stems.