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Mar 27, 2008 04:21 PM

Skagit Valley Breakfast/Lunch

Am driving up to Mt Vernon area to meet FIL and transfer DH so they may be off on a fishing trip (will shed appropriate tears - wave goodbye - not showthat am happy to have three days in Seattle all to myself) Two possible scenarios.....

Meet FIL with camper and boat at some easy location where food may be had
Have delightful all alone meal with only myself to please

Some suggestions would be appreciated for some food opportunities not too far off the main highways from Anacortes or Seattle for scenario one - just your basic breakfast/lunch spot with easy parking would be good.

But I'd like to be prepared for scenario two - in which case I'm happy to drive anywhere for a great place where I can enjoy good food basic or not so.


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  1. The Calico Cupboard is usually a good choice for breakfast - there's one in Mount Vernon, right off the freeway, and one in LaConner and one in Anacortes. Parking's probably easiest at the Mount Vernon location.

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      That's just what I was going to suggest--great baked goodies, sandwiches, and house-made soups. I rarely miss a chance to stop there when I'm in the area.

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        I can see why some folks like the Calico Cupboard, but my wife and I have always found their breakfasts high in calories but low on taste. If we're driving up to Vancouver (BC) from Seattle, we usually just carry on to Bellingham, where we stop at the Little Cheerful on Railroad Street on weekdays. On weekends, of course, it's the Rhododendron Cafe in (or near) Bow on Chuckanut Drive.

      2. Anacortes: The Brown Lantern tavern in Anacortes serves up a yummy grilled bacon cheese burger and a nice selection of cold ones. Up the street is La Vie en Rose bakery with tasty baked treats, crusty baguette sandwiches, & pizza de jour by the slice. Geri Deli two doors down is a local staple with soups, salads, sandwiches, & daily blue plate special. All of these are on Commercial, as is the previously mentioned Calico Cupboard. At the South end of town, also on Commercial, is Gepetto’s. It’s a caterer’s/take-out place with one table. The pesto bread is a guilty pleasure. The wild mushroom lasagna was quite yummy.

        Bow/Edison: The Rhododendron Café is one of the king pins of chow in the valley. Up the road is scenic Chuckanut Drive with the Oyster Creek Inn.

        Mt. Vernon: Skagit River Brewing has a BBQ and Brews. Il Granaio is upscale Italian.

        Conway: The Conway Pub and Eatery is well known in the Valley for their burgers. Snow Goose produce stand, on the road between La Conner and Conway, has a selection to make a complete picnic or simply an ice cream stop.

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          We recently tried Cafe Burlington for lunch. I had the best clam chowder I'd ever eaten!!! I wanted to lick the bowl. A friend says their breakfasts are super too.

        2. All the farmers head over to the Valley Cafe on Avon-Allen road. Massive breakfasts for hard working folks. I think its temporarily closed while they are widening the road though...

          1. No love for Mr T's? Or the cafe in the motorcycle dealership? (both in Mt Vernon)

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              Strangely enough, I have never been to Mr T's. Is it good? The Coffee Corner and the Mount Vernon Cafe are fine for cheap greasy breakfasts but I wouldn't mind trying somewhere else.

              I'm also sad to say I've never been to the Indian Cafe. When I'm getting my car fixed it's never really a good time for a meal - is it worth a special trip?

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                Mr T's has decent food in huge quantities. I only get there every couple of years or so, living in Michigan and all :), but they're not bad. Not the place to go for frou frou brekkers, though--no artichokes are harmed in the making of their meals.

                I also remember enjoying breakfast at the Indian Cafe but thinking it was a bit spendy. DH likes to look around while waiting for the food.