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Mar 27, 2008 03:47 PM

Trattoria Zero Otto Nove Pizza Size?

Are the pizza's listed on the menu individual size? Are they like Franny's or like Grimaldi's?

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  1. They're kind of individual serving size...three people shared two pizzas, a fish dish and a pasta dish and we were stuffed. The "slices" are little, so for each pizza, there are about 6-8 slizes -- but it's thin, so you can eat a lot. LOVED the butternut squash pizza.

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      I have had their individual sized pizzas twice and the size is more like 4 to a pie. Our first visit was impressive; yesterday, less so. The place is beautiful and the pizzas are very good.We had two chicken dishes, one on each visit: the last one was a cutlet, breaded, fried then capped with a salsa like tomato topping .The chicken itself was moist, fresh beautifully done. The breading was too oily. The time before, we had the chicken scarpariello which was very good. The pizza crusts are great; light dry and crispy. All in all, good.