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Mar 27, 2008 03:15 PM

big city diner or side street inn [HI]?

i saw the post below and so my question is, which one does you guys like better and why? =)

i love side street (the porkchop and the ribs) but i've never been to big city diner? how is their ward location?

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  1. Side Street Inn for me, not even close. Love the pork chops, ribeye steak, furikake ahi, fried rice, washed down with some cold beer.....awesome! Some of the best bar food around.

    1. Forget the Ward Center Big City Diner. The food we ordered was terribly underprepared and the management handling the situation was disgraceful. Our young waiter was so really apologetic but could not do anything for the undercooked food we received on our very first trip there. Apparently, there was a new cook in the kitchen and the management knew about the many complaints from previous customers in the morning. Even the family next to us had said something. Our waiter went back and spoke with the manager and said that he (the waiter) was very sorry for the undercooked tasteless fried rice and all he could offer was HIS PERSONAL employee discount for the two fried rice dishes we ordered. The manager (whome we never saw) failed to come out and explain the situation to us so our waiter took it upon himself to offer his personal apologies. Money was not the issue here but a show of class would have been in order by the management we thought. We paid our bill and gave the young waiter a big tip which covered HIS PERSONAL DISCOUNT back. When we got back home, I emailed BCD's corporate management and all they said was that they would look into the matter and apologized for any inconvenience we received. The end!

      I still think BCD has good food and service at both the Kaimuki and Kailua locations but I will never ever again step into the Kakaako place of business again. I think I'd prefer going across the street to the Kakaako Kitchen instead.

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      1. re: Clinton

        At Clinton's recommendation, we had a decent meal at the Kaimuki ocation of the Big City Diner. And the kim chee fried rice that came with my rib eye steak was delcious! They gave us a generous amount so we had enough leftover to take it back to our hotel to enjoy later.

      2. I love Side Street. I could eat there everyday of my trip and be happy. However, my husband likes more variety which is why I posted asking for alternatives. Several hounds responded with more places than we were able to visit. I chose Big City Diner since we had spent the day driving all over the island and wanted something close. Thanks to Clinton,, we had a satisfying meal without breaking the bank.

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        1. re: dimsumgirl

          Glad you ate well dimsumgirl. I'll be back home in a few weeks to follow your footsteps. Looking forward into sinking my teeth in those juicy Kua Aina burgers and down home local Japanese dishes at Sekiya's in Kapahulu. Will also have to check out the plate lunch stands at the Ala Moana Beach Ewa end. Haven't had beef curry stew in ages with the mac salad and rice. One thing I will miss though is the oxtail soup at the Kam Bowling Alley which closed down. That was a real treat!

          1. re: Clinton

            Has Sekiya's reopened since their temporary closure due to 7 cases of
            illness from e.coli? The DOH shut them down in February.

            1. re: manomin

              Yes, they re-opened a week or two ago.

              1. re: manomin

                I read the DOH approved their re-opening, but haven't had a chance to eat there yet. Heard they had to scrub the place down floor to ceiling, it sure needed it from what I recall.

                Clinton, I thought the Kam Bowl restaurant opened somewhere (in Kapalama?), maybe some other Hawaii hounds can answer that.

                1. re: curiousgeo

                  I have read and heard that the Aiea bowling alley restaurant is really good. Anyone been there? I did read about the total scrub down and surely that would help the situation for Sekiya's. We don't have listings in the papers like other cities that report DOH actions for restaurants.

                  1. re: curiousgeo

                    I heard somewhere that they reopened and are back to normal again. I've been going to Sekiya's back in the 50s to mid 60s and nothing is going to stop me from eating there. That was one of the only places that stayed open late after we played at dances on the weekends besides Chunky's next to the old stadium.

                    I also heard that Kapiolani Drive In (Kam Bowl) was going to reopen somewhere else after the closure of the alley. Gosh, I wish someone would tell me where? I miss my oxtail soup!

                    1. re: Clinton

                      and the same waitresses are there from the 50s and 60s too

              2. re: dimsumgirl

                aha! thanks for the suggestion. i could eat at side street a lot too =) my fiance though has never been, neither has his fam, which are in hawaii. odd. =)

                i think i'll take him to side street when we come out there.. NEXT WEEK! =) i'm salivating. i can't wait to eat the porkchop and the ribs! =)

                1. re: kinipela

                  they had a kalbi ribs on a sizzling platter on the specials menu while we were there; if they have it, you must try it! Have a great time!

                  1. re: kinipela

                    back to your original question... side street inn and big city diner are very different in concept. big city is a restaurant, yes they have a pretty good selection of pupu's (hors 'd oeuvres) but it isn't their main focus. side street inn is a "bar" that has become well known for its really fantastic pupus. 'ala carte' items, not meals per se. both are very good. im sure your fiance will really enjoy side street.

                    have a great time here!