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Mar 27, 2008 03:11 PM

Getting rid of garlic breath

okay i LOVE garlic (because i'm half korean) and well last weekend I went to a huge korean birthday party for my mom's friend's husband. Of course there were lots of great things to eat, but i couldn't stop eating the sashimi. Now if you ahve had korean sashimi, you know that you eat thick slices of the fish with slivers of RAW garlic and raw chiles. I had a lot of the sashimi and subsequently a lot of the garlic. I even dipped raw slices of garlic into the chojang (gochujang mixed with vinegar & sugar).

For the next 3 days I REEKED of garlic. I brushed my teeth 50 million times, gargled, and yes cleaned my tongue. No matter what i couldn't get the odor out of me. My boyfriend even made fun of me (thankfully it didn't bother him that much).

I dont want to stop eating raw garlic, so whats a good way to get rid of the smell? Do i have to stop eating it? and believe me cooked garlic has NOTHING on eating raw garlic....holy moly I am not kidding when I say that the smell didnt leave me for over 3 days

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  1. the wikipedia entry for garlic says to take a sauna:

    1. Brushing your teeth/tongue and gargling does absolutely nothing for garlic breath, because the smell isn't emanating from your mouth, it comes from deep within your digestive system. So no solution focused on your mouth will work. I don't know about this sauna theory, I've never heard of that.

      1. Eating parsley is the usual method but I prefer eating an apple. It somehow negates the garlic in my system.

        1. With that quantity you almost have to sweat it out- like someone posted above about the sauna.

          Exercising can have a similar effect and then a shower. So a bike or jog around the hood and then a hot shower.

          Best thing- hang out only w/ Koreans who also eat raw garlic stuff.....

          1. I feel your pain..
            I am a raw garlic lover and agree with the other posters on sauna, parsley and didn't think about an apple...sauna is great to flush your pores out..cold shower after to close the pores.