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Mar 27, 2008 02:57 PM

Cheap West Hollywood/Beverly Center/The Grove eats?

I just lost my job, and my husband & I are trying to come up with creative ways to save money when we eat out. For example, I've thought about getting lunch specials more often, then heating them up for dinner on occasion...also, we're trying to keep a running list of inexpensive, tasty food around town--I'm a health-conscious vegetarian, but he'll eat meat... Thanks for your help!

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  1. Joom Bankock Cafe on Beverly across the street from CBS has a $5.99 lunch special and i think that place is delicious. it's always fresh too.

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      I've seen Joom--thanks for the tip--it sounds great!

    2. First rule: Cook at home. Buy food at ethnic markets.
      Second rule: Don't eat in that neighborhood.

      Sorry to be harsh, but the only way to eat out economically is to patronize small ethnic eateries which are not really found in abundance in that area.
      However, if you must eat in that area, a few places to try would be Chulada Grill, India's Grill...Thai places are usually a good value, I like Thai Patio next to Whole Foods.

      1. I just moved to that very area, and for the most part I'd say Chowpatty is right - most restaurants I've been to cost a couple of bucks more than in other parts of town (I'm an eastside transplant).

        A few under-$10 meals I've found, with varying degrees of tastiness:
        Frank's on Fairfax - breakfast and Mexican food (closes at 5pm or so)
        Tawanna Thai on Wilshire/Crescent Heights (lunch specials)
        Chipotle at the Grove
        Koo Koo Roo on Wilshire by LACMA
        a rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods
        Haven't tried it yet, but have been told that Chao Krung on Fairfax also falls in that price range for Thai.
        Singapore's Banana Leaf at the Farmers Market - probably more to choose from at the FM but I'm still too new to the area to have tried them all :)

        1. You should check out the weekday breakfast specials at Lulu's on Beverly.

          1. India's Grill on San Vicente and La Cienega has great lunch specials, and their portions are huge so you'll definitely have leftovers.