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Cheap West Hollywood/Beverly Center/The Grove eats?

I just lost my job, and my husband & I are trying to come up with creative ways to save money when we eat out. For example, I've thought about getting lunch specials more often, then heating them up for dinner on occasion...also, we're trying to keep a running list of inexpensive, tasty food around town--I'm a health-conscious vegetarian, but he'll eat meat... Thanks for your help!

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  1. Joom Bankock Cafe on Beverly across the street from CBS has a $5.99 lunch special and i think that place is delicious. it's always fresh too.

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      I've seen Joom--thanks for the tip--it sounds great!

    2. First rule: Cook at home. Buy food at ethnic markets.
      Second rule: Don't eat in that neighborhood.

      Sorry to be harsh, but the only way to eat out economically is to patronize small ethnic eateries which are not really found in abundance in that area.
      However, if you must eat in that area, a few places to try would be Chulada Grill, India's Grill...Thai places are usually a good value, I like Thai Patio next to Whole Foods.

      1. I just moved to that very area, and for the most part I'd say Chowpatty is right - most restaurants I've been to cost a couple of bucks more than in other parts of town (I'm an eastside transplant).

        A few under-$10 meals I've found, with varying degrees of tastiness:
        Frank's on Fairfax - breakfast and Mexican food (closes at 5pm or so)
        Tawanna Thai on Wilshire/Crescent Heights (lunch specials)
        Chipotle at the Grove
        Koo Koo Roo on Wilshire by LACMA
        a rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods
        Haven't tried it yet, but have been told that Chao Krung on Fairfax also falls in that price range for Thai.
        Singapore's Banana Leaf at the Farmers Market - probably more to choose from at the FM but I'm still too new to the area to have tried them all :)

        1. You should check out the weekday breakfast specials at Lulu's on Beverly.

          1. India's Grill on San Vicente and La Cienega has great lunch specials, and their portions are huge so you'll definitely have leftovers.

            1. There's a really cheap Thai place wedged in the courtyard between the Whole Foods and the KMart complex on 3rd & Fairfax, with lunch specials. It's right next to that American Italian place (for lack of a better descriptive). They deliver.
              And Rocco Pizza on Wilshire about a block or two West of Crescent Heights. North Side of Wilshire. They do lunch specials.
              Farther South, on Pico , about a block West of Hauser, there's C&J Diner. They do great breakfasts, and it's construction worker portion-sized. I don't know for lunch but its worth checking it. Also on Pico, West of La Brea, Wi Jammin Chicken.
              La Maison du Pain on Pico and Ridgeley now serves soup for lunch.

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                really cheap Thai place wedged in the courtyard between the Whole Foods and the KMart complex on 3rd & Fairfax

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                  The name of that place is Thai Patio, and it's affiliated with the Thai Patio on Hollywood. They do have some tasty stuff, and it's very inexpensive.

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                    Unfortunately it's also gone. The Thai Patio on Hollywood is still open but the one at 3rd & Fairfax, btw K-Mart & Whole Foods, closed a few weeks ago. All the stores to the east of Whole Foods (up to but not including the Italian joint) have been moved out. My guess is that that (comparatively crappy) Whole Foods is gonna expand and renovate but that's just a guess.

              2. I really like Andre's, the little Italian cafeteria in the Town and Country mall at 3rd and Fairfax. It's in the shopping center between the Whole Foods Market and the K-Mart. It's not fancy but I've had much worse pasta and chicken in fancy restaurants. It's the cheapest good meal in town.

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                  I enjoy Andre's too. Not the best but good value and large portions. Once towards the end of the evening, they came around and gave out slices of pizza. My friend, knows the owner, says he has a generous heart and treats his staff well (long time employees). Always good to support this type of business. Long line at times but moves.

                2. Health conscious, cheap and Beverly/Grove adjacent? Nobody's mentioned Fish Grill yet? I absolutely love the place although the hours are weird (forget trying to go during the High Holy Days) and sometimes the service seems brusque for even the most jaded gentile.

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                    Fish Grill portions are HUGE! and i like Andres too...

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                      Andre's is a great value for basic Italian style food. It is fast too.
                      Fish Grill is good value for fish but not as cheap and filling as Andre's. It is probably healthier though.

                  2. For you, BCD Tofu House has some good cheap combos.

                    Eat a Pita on Fairfax has good combo deals as well.

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                      Hehe, I just had a really late night / really early morning bite at BCD. $9 gives you a bubbling cauldron of tofu soup, a bowl of rice, and loads of banchan. In fact, with all the side dishes at your disposal, Korean food in general is a great way to stretch your restaurant dollar.

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                        Eat a Pita is closed, FYI.

                        Mishima in the strip mall on 3rd near La Cienega is great for a cheap meal. We're always surprised when our dinner bill there is less than what we usually pay for breakfast out in the neighborhood!

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                          am i crazy that it got replaced w/ another pita place in the same spot or really close by? i could've sworn i was there two weeks ago, and saw pita something or something pita, and just assumed it was eat a pita... help this old gal out...

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                            The storefront is still there (and the sign and everything), but it's empty. I just walked by last night.

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                              Yeah, Eat a Pita has been closed for well over a year now. And the property has been untouched ever since.

                              As they never so much as put up a For Lease sig,n and as that stretch of Fairfax has turned into Hipster Heaven (read as: rents have tripled), I assume they're preparing to level the shack and build something substantial on the site.

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                                alright so i saw the signage, that makes sense...

                                and yes, rents have gone crazy, as i was gonna sublease a place behind canter's that was a *steal* for a one bedroom at 1200. that said though it's a great location so close to so much good eats... i was looking forward to living close to tasca, sante la brea, little ethiopia (great lunch specials here too), eat well (some really affordable breakfast plates that if you do them to-go, they can easily serve two at home like the garbage plate)... etc.

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                            i just checked their website...looks like a good find. i might try it this weekend! (i was surprised to see how many meat dishes they have, since it's called the "tofu house"...)

                          3. hey guys sorry you are down on your luck..but now you both can have some fun with FREE eats all around L.A...for example...sunday before 1pm the hollywood farmers market..free food samples.....then there are many art openings free wine and chesse...and for the adventure in you you can always crash the comfort inn's breakfast as they never check to see if you are registered guess...good luck and enjoy...

                            1. wokcano on 3rd just east of la cienega has pretty good lunch specials (sushi, tempura, etc) that come with a small salad. most are under $10.

                              1. you can't take it home, but for an all-you-can-eat weekday lunch,
                                head to rahel on fairfax between olympic and pico for vegetarian ethiopian food.
                                after you finish the food on your plate, you can just ask for more until you are stuffed.

                                1. What about Singapore's Banana Leaf in the Farmers Market? Everything under $10 (most things are $8-9) all the time. Flavorful, freshly-prepared food served by friendly people.

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                                      the portions at the Banana Leaf are really generous also. great food for sharing.

                                    2. When we want cheap and cheerful we go to Absolutly Pho-bulous on La Cienega. Good vegetarian options (Veggie Pho for instance) and low prices.

                                      1. I like Wok Master on Beverly near La Brea

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                                          or sushi mac for cheap sushi on 3rd (near la cienega)

                                        2. so..just curious..how is the cheap eats search going???

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                                            going okay...i'm getting creative, though.
                                            on the top of my personal (vegetarian) list of places to try next are rahel ethiopian & vegan glory (though i'm wondering how healthy this one is)...it's one thing to find cheap & healthy, but adding "vegetarian" creates more of a challenge! but, all in all, i'm having fun trying some of these new places/approaches...

                                            thx for your help! (this is a great list...)

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                                              vegan glory is great and maybe i am too trusting, but they are vegan, which should make it alot more healthful than many of the above recs, as interesting as they are...i frequently order from them for lunch- i have to get a lunch special (very generous portions of curry, rice, salad and spring roll for about $7.99) and a salad- usually tofu "larb" --to get the delivery ($10 minimum)- but this usually lasts me 3 meals! definitley try it. whose on third is also a good value and my neighbors swear by the value at alfredo's on third just west of sweetzer (south side)- think they are only open for breakfast and lunch. the tacos at el carmen used to be cheap and they rocked! have not been for along time, tho

                                          2. Joey's Cafe and Marco's on SMB in WeHo

                                            1. there is a family owned falafel joint in the strip mall across the street from the bev center. big portions, good for meat eater or veggiehead.

                                              1. Fiddler's Bistro on 3rd a few blocks east of the Grove is wonderful--hearty breakfast/brunch. It's much farther east, but Zankhou Chicken has got to be one of the best deals in town. But the best way to save money easting out? Don't eat out.

                                                1. For freshness, flavor and fast service (that makes up for the small parking lot), try the California Chicken Café/ The Chicken Caesar salad, Chinese Chicken salad and California Chicken salads are all very large. I have split these salads many times by simply adding an extra pita bread or dessert from one of the many places nearby or from Whole Foods. When ordering the salad "to go" just have them put the chicken and the dressing on the side so you can mix it fresh as you wish at home. I always order extra almonds with the Chinese Chicken salad and it adds extra crunch in the texture and a fresh nut flavor to the rest of the meal.

                                                  6805 Melrose Avenue (between LaBrea & Highland at NW corner of Mansfield)
                                                  Los Angeles, CA 90038
                                                  (323) 935-5877
                                                  Check out the menu