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Lunch in the clouds at All India Cafe

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OK, it wasn't quite in the clouds but another upstairs restaurant in the mini mall next to the mall where Echigo is upstairs (are you with me?) On our way back from Santa Monica and starving I opted for Echigo but SO was ready to enter some emporium of pernicious portabello mushroom sandwiches in a coffee house that smelled so we compromised and went for lunch to the All India. Niiiiice ambiance, music, service and a really sumptuous lunch for $6.95 - I had lamb curry (a very large portion) with daal, salad, rice, excellent naan and we had a side or raita for $2.95. SO had chicken curry and a Nimbu Paani to drink, homemade lemonade Indian style with fresh ginger and fresh lime juice, very refreshing. I had a mango lassi (needed a compensatory sweet drink after having stitches removed from my ears, very sorry for myself).

Thought the food and portions outstanding and they deliver to the beach, Bev.Glen, Venice Blvd and Sunset.
Good parking, nice people and can't wait to eat my way through the rest of the menu.
Address: 12113 SM Blvd. LA 90025. 310-442-5250. Website is www.allindiacafe.com
They also take the LA Times Gusto card.

Good lunch in fact, very good.

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  1. Thanks! I've been looking for Indian Delivery in SM! I'm getting sick of Nawab.

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      I'm all over it! I, too, have been searching for good delivery/good food in Santa Monica. Perhaps, we'll visit All India Cafe for dinner tonight.

      Thanks for the review.