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Mar 27, 2008 02:45 PM

Inexpensive restaurant in Quarter/CBD

I just found out a friend has come into town who is here for just one evening. He's never been to New Orleans and is at a conference downtown. I said I'd find a place to get a later dinner. I am looking for something fairly inexpensive in that area that will still give him a bit of the New Orleans experience. I would say Coop's but I've been there too many times in the past few weeks (if there is such a thing). Any suggestions?

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    1. I would pack some bears or wine and head to Eat on Dumaine (byob). They have plenty of standard New Orleans fare, and a few sampler plates, with almost all entrees at or below the mid-teens.

      1. Stop by Felix's for a dozen or so raw oysters (at the bar, don't bother waiting for a table or eating any of their other food). Then walk over to Tujague's and order a brisket poboy at the bar. Both of these choices are best accompanied by a cold beer.

        1. There is a coupon for EAT in the Where Y'at magazine. Buy one entree get one half off.

          I like the barbecued shrimp and the crab cake appetizer.