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Mar 27, 2008 02:39 PM

Third Date with a Vegetarian

My second date was a sucess. Went to Blossom, and I must say for a meat eater, the food was very good-thanks for all the help.

I now have a third date, and would like to go somewhere downtown. I'm also thinking of going somewhere to listen to some jazz afterwards.

Any ideas? Doesn’t have to be completely vegetarian, as long as there some good options on the menu.

Any thoughts on a jazz place, would to go somewhere where I can reserve a table before hand.

Thanks for all the help.

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  1. Congrats!

    Haven't been, but Fig & Olive have a downtown location (West 13th) and offer both veg and non-veg options (including an olive oil sampler to start).

    Sacred Chow on Sullivan is small, cozy, pretty, vegan and yummy.

    Counter on First Ave. (East 6th & 7th) has lots of veg options and a nice selection of organic wines.

    As for jazz, the Blue Note on West 3rd is a staple (and within walking distance of Sacred Chow). There's also the Jazz Gallery on Hudson, though I've never been (not sure what the vibe/ambiance is like). And there's always Small's on West 10th.

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      Gobo is another option for tasty veggie food within walking distance of Blue Note. Asian-inspired small plates. If you go, you might want to ask for advice about how much to order because the portion sizes vary a bit.

      401 6th Ave, New York, NY 10014

    2. For a meat eater, I found the food at Candle 79 is pretty good and the atmosphere is perfect for a date!
      You could always do a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant, as well. Pylos and Beyoglu are both fantastic!

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      1. re: LeahBaila

        I was thinking about Pylos, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get a reservation for Saturday night...I was thinking about Snack Taverna as an alterntive. Any thoughts?

        1. Salam has a very romantic atmosphere with good mezze options for a vegetarian. From there you could walk down to Smalls or Next Door at Caffe La Lanterna on Macdougal to carry on the intimate vibe of the evening along with good jazz.

          1. In the East Village, I love Caravan of Dreams (north side of 6th btwn 1st and A). It's got a sorta bohemian vibe. I don't think they take reservations, but then, I've never had to wait for a table either.... Also excellent is Pukk (West side of 1st, around maybe 8th Street give or take a block...), which is vegetarian Thai. "Dirt cheap" but the quality is surprisingly excellent. Very nice clean decor too. Don't think they take reservations, but I've never had to wait there either for a table.

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            1. re: yippee1999

              Thanks for all the feed back, actually looking for something that's not vegetarian, but is vegetarian friendly, wanted to do Alta or Sala, but couldn't get a reservation so late in the week, any suggestions for anything similiar

              1. re: yippee1999

                Nothing personal to the above posters but Candle 79 is really overpriced for what you get, and it has great atmosphere if you like Upper East Side restaurants circa 1994 (dark wood, rock hard upholstery, "funky" light fixtures, 90's patterns everywhere). And Caravan of Dreams seems a bit downscale if you're on a date. I'd recommend trying any of the Indian vegetarian places that are all over Manhattan. If you want to be in the East Village, Haveli's on Second Avenue is pretty good, although I haven't been in about a year. However, head up to Curry Hill and try Tiffin Wallah (about as downscale as Caravan of Dreams but waaay better food) or really any of the Indian places around there. Fun atmosphere and better food.

                If you really want to stay downtown, why not do something different and try Cha An on East Ninth St. It's a tiny Japanese tea house with a small food menu that has vegetarian options, great desserts, and it serves alcohol (more info on menupages). Or blow the bank and go to Otto and get a pizza (plenty of vegetarian ones to choose from). Even somewhere like Blue Smoke you can sit at the bar, have good beer or bourbon, eat any number of the sides and appetizers (which are a bit over-priced but not obscenely so) and then go downstairs to the Jazz Standard. Also, Blue Smoke is great for people watching: lots of suits getting drunk with office buddies, families from all over the city, and neighborhood yuppies mixing it up.

                Maybe it's my personal prejudice, but I think most vegetarian restaurants in the city are pretty bad if you actually care about what you put in your mouth. The one exception is Pure, which is very, very over-priced for what you get but they have a gorgeous garden that's open in the summer and they have do have one or two dishes that are worth the trip. Seriously, save your money and do appetizers and sides somewhere fun. That's my two cents.

                1. re: LES_Crawler

                  I know you mentioned you want downtown
                  but if you want a great uptown meal, visit Beyoglu
                  81st and Third, for the best vegetarian mezze combo platter
                  Great for sharing.


                  1. re: Lettucepray

                    Thanks .... I love Beyoglu, been there many times, would love to find some place similiar downtown