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Mar 27, 2008 02:26 PM

Last minute trip to Philly - this Saturday

Headed to Philly from NYC for a day trip this Saturday. No special reason, just have a day with no previous plans and feeling like we want to get out of the city (to another city!).

So the plan so far is to get there by mid-morning and explore/eat at Reading Terminal Market, pick a neighborhood to walk around in for shopping (don't worry moderators, I know we can't discuss that part) then find a spot for dinner before heading back. Nothing too upscale since we're just there for a day and won't bring wardrobe changes.

Tria looked good. Any others that we might want to check out? Looking to spend no more than $100-125 including drinks, tax and tip and happy with modern American, French or Italian - not that we're unadventurous, that's just what we're in the mood for these days. Any other recs would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Tria is better for a pre-dinner snack than for dinner, their main attraction is their cheese selection. The rest of the menu is decent but if you're visiting from NYC you can do much better. Eulogy is to be avoided, especially on a Saturday night when it will be packed with annoying crowds.

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      Ah you - managed to see the post right before I deleted the Eulogy part. The beer there looked great but the menu just looked okay. Any other gastropubs that are worth checking out for both drinks and food?

      Thanks for the recs below...will start checking them out. I've seen Capogiro is recommended for gelato, that will make a nice break (and yes I think we'll probably end up wandering around Rittenhouse).

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        Honestly, if your main focus is the wine/beer/cheese, the sandwiches at Tria aren't bad. I rather like them, but they're not really dinner food, per se. I've definitely done "dinner" at Tria before and have been very satisfied.

        If you're in the Rittenhouse area, a gastropub to check out is Good Dog bar, 200-something 15th, near Sansom. It's got a great burger & fries combo.

    2. Matyson is one of our best Modern American places. They are BYOB, so that will save you a few bucks on the drinks part. Reservations for this Saturday might be tough, so call first.

      1. I'm a fan of Beau Monde- small creperie on 6th and Bainbridge

        1. If you happen to choose Rittenhouse to walk around, stop by Capogiro for great gelato!

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              I'll second Ansill. Not really "gastropub" but great food and great beer/wine selection. Good thing about small plates is you can choose how adventurous you want to be.