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Mar 27, 2008 02:07 PM

Boston...Wild Boar and/or Burrata

Can you recommend a place that has wild boar and/or buratta on the menu.

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  1. We're going to be really nice to you because Rubee said so.

    Depending on when you are coming to visit, you might find burrata on local menus -- but more likely in the summertime. I always pick mine up from Salumeria Italiana on Richmond Street when the tomatoes are ripe. You can do this too and make a picnic. Wild Boar I haven't seen on menus around town, but if anyone is likely to do it, Trattoria Toscana would.

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      Thanks! Rubee said you were a nice group.

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        Ha, YY, miss you.

        These are places I've had wild boar: Lucca, Umbria and Bricco. However, none of them recently (it's been a year or two) and the last two are v. pricey.

        Definitely check out Salumeria Italiana when you're in the North End, even if they don't have the burrata. When I did use to order the burrata from them, it came on Thursdays and I would call Monday to reserve.

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          A serious recommendation for Lucca's wild board pasta- out of this world!

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            A second serious recommendation for Lucca's rigatoni with wild boar, it truly is amazing.

            I walked by salumeria and thare was a sign posted that said they have burrata on Fridays.

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              Thanks I made reservations for Lucca's. Can't wait.

      2. Ah, burrata. I'm afraid it's a little hard to come by around here, especially in restaurants.

        You can get imported burrata at a few places around town, most reliably from Salumeria Italiana, and from there most reliably in the warmer months. Definitely best to order in advance.

        Dave's Fresh Pasta in Somerville carries a locally made faux-burrata where the cream center is partly made with yogurt. Not bad, but not the real deal.

        Here's a helpful link to a past thread:

        Far and away my favorite authentic Puglian-style restaurant in town is Taranta; I've never seen it on the menu, but if you go, it might be worth asking them if they ever carry it.

        And as an aside: I grew up in Phoenix -- welcome! The pizza at Gran Gusto in Cambridge may help you forget about Pizzeria Bianco. And Angela's Cafe may help you forget about the Camelback Mountain-sized heap of great Mexican restaurants.

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          As for wild boar, I've personally had it at the Blue Room and Craigie Street Bistrot, both in Cambridge, but it's not a permanent fixture on either menu. I've seen it on the menu at Gran Gusto, but I haven't tried it.

          This search string may help too:

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            I'm actually from Philadelphia. Looking forward to some good food in Boston. Salumeria Italiana sounds like a place I should check out.

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              In case it's unclear, "Salumeria Italiana" isnt a resto, it's a fine grocery.
              You wrote "menu" ...

          2. I think Monica's does in the NE

            Vinoteca di Monica
            143 Richmond St., Boston, MA 02109

            1. Salumeria Italiana often runs out of burata -- they recommend that you reserve yours by phone. They get theirs on one of the weekdays, I would call ahead to find out and reserve some. Incidentally, the mozzarella nearby at Tutto Italiano is also very good.

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