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May 17, 2002 09:22 PM

Mama's Hot Tamales?

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Mama's Hot Tamales on 7th and Alvarado just opened in February over looking scenic McCarthur Park. They serve like 30 different tamales the owner told me, but had just closed so I was out of luck.
Theres parking available in the back and a rear entrance through the bookshop that's attached. I don't get over there very often but I'd like to know if it's any good.

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  1. Unless it's the BEST TAMALE in the WORLD, NO WAY! The only reason to be in that vicinty is LANGER'S for the Best PASTRAMI in the WORLD! PERIOD! No other reason, especially a tamale is worth your life.

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    1. re: russkar

      You know before Captain Cook was clubbed to death by angry natives he found Australia, Antartica, Hawaii.

      Where's your spirit of adventure gringo?

      1. re: Colin

        Gringo YES! Clubbing NO! I've paid my dues many times. Enjoy your tamales.

      2. re: russkar

        There's nothing wrong or scary about that part of downtown unless you've got a severe case of xenophobia. PERIOD! Support some of the local businesses - give it try. And learn to speak some Spanish while you're at it. Remember, our amigos owned this land long before the gringos stole it.

        1. re: Chris G.

          I'm at Langer's all the time. If you look out the window you'll see all types of crime in progress. The police are everywhere and it's still out of control. I'll just continue to tough it out at LA INDIANA Tamale co in E. LA where it's a lot safer.

          1. re: russkar

            Read this link and you'll see how Mama's is working to improve the neighborhood, supporting local business, and providing some eating options worth exploring. And I'm in the area all the time, too - the only "crime" I ever noticed was a 70-year-old woman jaywalking.


        2. re: russkar

          Let's see if I understand this correctly: you are willing to wander amongst the raving homeless to buy sushi-grade fish on Skid Row, but unwilling to party on the down low with Latinos around MacArthur Park? What if Mama's had sashimi tamales?

          1. re: Mr Grub

            I drive into guarded gates, wave to the guy with the gun , buy the finest fish, look both ways and drive fast(doors locked) toward the frw.
            At Langer's it's the "roll the dice" dash from car(knowing I'll probably never see it again with the wheels attached)get through the front door, eat a Pastrami Sand, analize how to get back to the car, alive! How relaxing. When I'm risking my life next time I'll swing by Mama's, I really hope the tamales are terrible, or I'll be back for more!

            1. re: russkar

              Be sure to post from your PDA before you meet your demise. If you're gonna go, at least you'll go for a good cause. (g)

              1. re: russkar

                I actually enjoy wandering around MacArthur Park/Pico-Union area. Pretty lively, very safe. But then, I live in South Central & am certifiable & as big as a Coke machine. Even I draw the line at buying roasted corn from the vendor at the band shell, tho.

          2. This place is definitely worth checking out. Read the link below for more details.


            1. For Tamales, go to Liliana's on First ( 1 Blk before Indiana in E.L.A.).......
              Or for the hands down best in East Los go to La Mascota on Whittier Blvd. (near Mott st.).......
              incredible, you won't believe how good they are!!!!!!