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Mar 27, 2008 01:37 PM

broadway east for birthday dinner?

i've been curious to try it and have been frantically reading all i can from others who have been there, but frankly, there isn't too much input yet. it's for next friday night, party of 12 in their mid-20s, birthday occasion. the bday boy is a vegetarian (no seafood either), but everyone else isn't. i see there are good options for everyone on the menu.

what i need to know from those that have been.. good bday atmosphere? room looks gorgeous from pix -how's the vibe? I dont' want it to be too formal - we want to let loose and have a little bit of fun w/o being disturbing to other diners.
how's the food?? bday boy likes bold flavors, lots of spice. how're teh portions? this is mostly boys, and they tend to eat a lot. any special suggestions on what to order in particular? also, how're desserts? I wanted to bring a cake in but it's a $2.50 charge per person to cut/serve it. bleh.

mostly i'm leaning towards this restaurant cuz it's nearby the bar we are going to afterwards. to give u an idea.. the other restaurant possibility i have is dos caminos (the bday boy's favorite mexican place). i know, a world of difference, but still...

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  1. I've been waiting for people to post on this one too. I should have just posted a report myself, but I was too lazy. In short: I really dug it. The space is gorgeous -- very roomy, cool mid-century looking light fixtures, nice wood floors and a plant-covered back wall. There's a bar area up front and a proper dining room in back. When we went, it was right after the Daily Candy thing had run, so it had a lively crowd. I don't know what it's been like since.

    As for food -- There are a few fish and poultry dishes, but the rest of the menu is mostly veggie. I had the cauliflower fritto salad (tasty, but a little oily) and the free-form grilled pizza with herbs and ricotta (delicious). My husband had an Indian Thali plate that he really enjoyed (and he's usually a meat eater). We didn't eat dessert, so I can't speak to that.

    In all -- I think this is a great addition to the 'hood and hope it'll last. As for your friend's party, I think it'd be a nice spot -- certainly nicer than Angelika's Kitchen or other veggie places. That said, the one bummer (for me, at least) is that it's only beer and wine. You can always get drinks at 169 Bar (next door) beforehand though.

    Good luck. And post if you go!

    1. I agree with all of Oliverstreet's post. really great casual, but refined atmosphere. Nice blend of modern style with a nature-istic (is that a word?) feeling. Service was friendly and attentive. I'm not much of a vegetarian, so I was shocked (!) that I loved my vegetarian dish. And, it didn't feel like I was eating meat-replaced-with-vegetarian-food vegetarian style. catch my drift? It was just good food. Portions were filling. I had oysters for entree (they were tiny, OK flavor, just so-so), "Winter veggies in bed", which was a mix of squash and stuff, underneath a little pasta blanket -- yum!. and was too full to try any of the rich desserts... so opted for a sorbet trio of flavors: reisling, apple cider (yum!), and pear.

      all in all, definitely recommended.. i can't wait to go back! (and i don't say that very much).

      1. Just ate at Broadway East last Friday night. We were very pleasantly surprised that vegetarian can be so delicious. It's also great that there are several non-veg options- which my husband took- and he loved the salmon over Ethiopian lentils. My coconut tempeh over whipped potatoes was scrumptious, and the appetizers were delicious and sizeable, as well.
        I think this place would be great for a birthday party, as long as the boys wouldn't get too, too rowdy. Otherwise, it's beautiful, elegant- but very comfortable and casual.

        Hope you have the birthday party there and please report back to us!!

        1. Forgot to add: Broadway East also has long tables that in my view would be perfect for large groups - such as your birthday group. But I think you would need to reserve ASAP as it is full on recent weekend nights

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            wow, thanks for the input!! i feel much more assured about my choice now-- will cancel the other reservations and go with this one. (i made a res awhile ago, since i know it's become rather popular on wkd nights.) any other specifics about food choice from those that have been would be great... :)

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              Did you wind up eating at this place? If so, what did you think about it?

          2. Hi Karen,

            Ate there last Friday. Really liked the baby cauliflower fritto.., the golden beets tartare, the coconut tempeh over whipped potatoes, and the salmon over Ethiopian lentils ( a special that night). There were three of us so we tried eachothers' dishes. My brother liked the Peking Duck tofu, but I wasn't so crazy about it since I'm used to the real thing in Chinatown. Also, the winter green salad (not sure what it's called) was good. We were too full to have dessert. The waitress was very attentive, but not hovering. Also, really liked the music they had.. Hope you have a great time!!