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Mar 27, 2008 12:56 PM

Playa Suites ---Acapulco

Yes the one that had the fire March 16. My daughter is headed there this Sunday. We were told that all had been cleaned up and all is up and running (by Mexican standards that is) Anyway, anyone been there on break or other times and can give me some feedback on where to eat and not to? Perhaps some clubs she should check out that you enjoyed? Any other comments relevent to this? Anyone like it there?

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  1. I stay at the Elcano Hotel which is beautiful and has the best breakfast buffet (their speciality is a waffle with fruit and nuts in it). Frankly I am always underwhelmed by food in Acapulco but your daughter will probably like all the busy clubs on the main drag. A nice restaurant up in the hills is Mi Casa with a great view of the bay.

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      On second thoughts I think it's called Su Casa.

    2. The hotel is very centrally-located in a section of Acapulco probably most popular with tourists, so there are many, many restaurants/bars, etc., from which to choose. I don't know of a place I'd suggest she stay away from. The hotel is a long block walk (on the beach) from the principal coastal road/street where many restaurants are located – “Costera Miguel Aleman”.

      This is the "quiet season" in Acapulco, so your daughter shouldn’t expect to see many people in restaurants/clubs except for a Friday and Saturday night. This weekend may be an exception though, because it's a long weekend - a "puente" - in Mexico. May 1st is Labor Day, a national holiday, and Monday is May 5, which though not universally celebrated throughout the country with a day-off, enough people get the day or may take the day . . . making for a long weekend and many residents of the Federal District vacationing in Acapulco.

      My favorite fish restaurant in Acapulco is "El Amigo Miguel," near Plaza Alvarez (also referred to as "the Zocalo"). My favorite traditional-style Mexican restaurant is "La Casa de Tere," a short taxi ride from the Plaza Suites. A favorite "view" restaurant - with a view of one of the prettiest bays in Mexico at night (or day) is "Su Casa," on the mountainside in the SE section of the city.

      I'm either too old or too tired to "club" anymore (I'm in bed and fast asleep by the time these places get going), and though there are three or four very popular - some of the best in Mexico - clubs, someone else will have to offer the advice.

      An excellent online forum for Acapulco is the one over at Trip Advisor, where you can cross-post some questions and also access sections of the website offering a lot of local information; it's a good website to check-out to learn about the clubs, restaurants, etc., etc. Here's a link to that forum:

      If you and/or your daughter are unfamiliar with Acapulco you might find it helpful to have a look at some of the hundreds of photos of Acapulco I've uploaded to online albums. You can access those photos when you click on the following link:

      If you have the time, and inclination - Moon Handbooks publishes what I think is the best guidebook for Acapulco, and you might want to have a look at it or view it at your local public library. Lonely Planet's book is okay, and you can download just the Acapulco chapter instantly via email for the price of approx. $5.

      I hope this helps a little.