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Mar 27, 2008 12:53 PM

doesn't get much better than this

Just returned from a wonderful luncheon at Bengal Cafe in Cambridge. A warm, friendly environment that creates a sense of being in the home of some very good chefs.
Several months ago I visited India , and had an opportunity to do "home stays" where you live and eat with a given Indian family. My experience at Bengal Cafe brought back fond memories of this experience.
I went with six friends, and we were served family style by the owner Ali.He choose a menu of beautifully spiced food. We started out with a wonderful Daal followed by a perfect chicken curry. For the vegetarians in the group we were treated to a delicious dish called Labra (beans, squash,eggplant,pumpkin and spices).A Begun Dolma(eggplant cooked in a special sauce) kept the Labra company.Poori came along for the ride.Interesting desserts and all at a very reasonable price.
I would go back in a minute, and I do believe my friends would also.My very good friend from the Punjab moved her fingers swiftly back and forth as she enjoyed her lunch Indian style.

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  1. I like the place, too, though not all the food I've had there has been good. I really do love the saag aloo there, though (spinach and potato dish).