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Mar 27, 2008 12:15 PM

Cheese help!

I live in Texas and am in the midst of kashering my kitchen. We have not been kosher so far. I have got to find a palce that ships decent kosher cheese. The only cheese available here (that I can find) is extensive, rubbery, and tasteless. We love cheese, and I am so sad thinking about like without it.

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  1. Right now, the only place I can think of is Cabot cheese, who will ship. Their cheeses are delicious, though many have no hashgacha and the ones that do have a hashgacha that many don't use. They have one type of cheddar cheese that is a special run for Passover under the OU, from what I have read.

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      Cabot's done one OU-certified run of sharp cheddar in each of the last three years. The most recent one was released in early February, and is available here, on sale:
      Last year it was only available for about six months before they ran out, and as it has to age for many months, they can't just make more on short notice. I don't know how big a run they did this year, but the stuff stays good in the fridge for a long time, and you can stock up if you have the fridge space. Our cheese from the most recent OU run has a sell-by date of 08/09.

      Most of Cabot's other cheeses are certified by the Tablet-K, which is a Conservative hechsher.

      There are other good kosher cheeses such as 5-Spoke Creamery, but I don't know that any of them ship.

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        Gila, I don't think Tablet-K is a Conservative hechsher, I think it's an orthodox hechsher which is very lenient about many things.

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          In further looking things up, I think you're right - thanks! I was not aware that there was an Orthodox hechsher that held by gevinat akum, which I have heard is the only issue with the non-OU runs of Cabot.

    2. Where are you in Texas - like kosher wines there are better kosher cheeses coming onto the market like cabot - so if you have a kosher store you might find a better selection than just Migdal or HaOlam - also check out I have not ordered from there but it does look good -

      1. I just ordered a case of the cabot ou chedder directly from for purim came in two days and recieved 19 bricks of chedder for under $90.00 came out to something like $4.87 a brick. was a lovely addition to my shalach manot. and the experation date is 08/09

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        1. try trader joe's--several of their cheeses are OU--mozzarella, goat, feta, etc...and, the prices can't be beat

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            There's a great kosher medium cheddar from Tillamook Cheese, a terrific cheese manufacturer. It's their only kosher item, and you generally only see it in kosher gift baskets. I've ordered from them by phone. A case (12 blocks) is 5 pounds. They keep well in the freezer.

            Since you're from Texas, let us know if you come across any kosher BBQ that's worth knowing aboout.

            Also you can get some nice French and Italian cheeses, as well as the regular kosher lines, online at the kosher supermarket-type websites. Like,, and others. Just Google it and many sites will show up.

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              Tillamook is available at Trader Joe's, BTW...

          2. ships for free on orders over 75$.

            I ordered from them once and was pleased with the experience.

            The prices are a bit expensive but the cheeses are really good. I've had the Reggiano on many occasions and it definitely rivals allot that is on the non-kosher market.