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Momofuku Ssam Bar - When to Go and What to Order?

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I'm planning on finally hitting Momofuku Ssam Bar this weekend - what time do I need to get there on a Saturday (there'll be two of us)? Also, what should I order? Thanks in advance for your help. I heart chowhounds.

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  1. I went there last night (been there many times). I'd say the real standout was the spicy squid salad. And you really must order the pork buns!
    On weekend nights, I've heard of waits of 1.5 hrs. I'd go on the early side if you don't want to wait forever (before 8).

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      Definitely before 8. Closer to 6:30p or 7p, if you hate waiting.

      Order: oysters with kimchee consomme, sea bass with huckleberry, steamed buns (aka "the pork buns"), Benton's country ham, fuji apple kimchi, rice cakes with spicy sausage, grilled branzino.

      Save room for dessert: brown butter cake with rehydrated raisins and stout whipped cream.

    2. They no longer serve ssam, but if you order the bibimbap, it tastes the same, just without the wrap. I'm not a fan of their banh mi and though I think the bread and butter is kind of overpriced, it's still very good.

      1. I'd also like to try Momofuku this Saturday with 4 others. Do larger parties typically have to wait more or less? I'd like to go around 8:30 or 9, but if the wait is going to be more than an hour, I may have to make other plans.

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          It's not a tiny restaurant but it's not huge. There are a limited number of places a party of 4 can sit. The 3 large tables in back can hold 8, and I've shared one with another party of 4 before. But parties who have reserved the Bo Ssam may be seated there as well.

          1. Everyone will tell you pork buns which are pretty good and you should try just to know what everyone is talking about. The rice cake with sausage thing is pretty awesome...it's almost like bolognase, there are some brussel sprouts with chile that are really good.

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              I second the brussel sprouts and the rice cakes. Excellent and unusual. I've never had brussel sprouts taste so good! Even my vegetable hating husband was fighting for the last of this dish. The hanger steak ssam is also nice. When I last had it, the steak was perfectly medium rare and very flavorful.

            2. They do have the pork belly ssam - it's good and the marinated clam pickle it comes with is delicious. But the brussels sprouts weren't on the menu when I went last week :(

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                I love the pork belly ssam, but it's really fatty and heavy unless you share with more than a few people.

                I think it's the end of brussels sprouts season soon. Boo.

              2. I've been wanting to go to Momofuku as well so it's really nice to get some information on how early to go. I was also wondering what the cost was. There are no prices on the Momofuku website and I wanted to know how much a dinner for two (let's say without drinks) would run.


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                  It really depends on whether you get more lighter courses or more heavier courses. For two people, we typically order 5 dishes and 1 dessert, leaning towards the left column of the menu, which is lighter. This usually runs $40-50.

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                    That depends on your appetite. I'm usually more than full after splitting an appetizer or two and having one main. Before drinks, that's $25-$30 with tax and tip.

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                      W/o drinks two people could try a lot of things and easily get out of there for under $100.