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Mar 27, 2008 12:15 PM

PHO in Denver?

Where is the best place to have Pho in Denver?

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  1. Ha Noi's awfully good, though I like their pork vermicelli even better.

    1. Ha Noi rocks - also now available at dinner is Pho at Parrallel 17 - more3 expensive, but awesome. i also like Pho Duy on Peoria wen headed to airport. pho 79 works in a pinch. .

      1. I like Da Lat on Federal. Not only is their pho awesome, they have a broad menu for those in your party looking for something different.

        1. I like Pho Duy on South Federal.

          1. Pho 95 is currently my favorite. Their broth is so much better than any others that I have tried. Also, their staff is extremely friendly and attentive.