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Mar 27, 2008 12:14 PM

La Saltena Empanada Dough - where to find?

On a recent visit to Miami, my grandmother made some great empanadas filled with picadillo. She purchased the empanada wrappers at a latin grocery store, filled them and baked them in the oven. The brand she used was La Saltena... has anyone seen these in the area? I live in the Western burbs, but work near O'Hare and am in the city somewhat often.


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  1. Hmmm, nothing like empanadas de picadillo eh! I especially like the Columbian fine corn flour variety made with spiced potato's, chicken, shredded beef, picadillo. The Flying Chicken's on Lincoln just north of grace near the Trader Joe's serves up fantastic meat and potato empanadas...not greasy at all! Also try the mesquite roasted chicken, arroz con pollo, calentado, churrasco, la bandaisa, etc. They only use fine pre-cooked corn flour made in Columbia and sold here in most Hispanic Stores like Cermak Produce or Edgewater Produce, by the Dona Arepa brand. THEIR MENU AS WELL AS THE EMPANADAS ARE GLUTEN-FREE TOO!!

    1. We live in SE Wisconsin (from Florida) and have been looking for the La Saltena dough too. We have contacted General Mills website requesting stores where the dough can be found but there has been no response. Please let us know if you find it? Goya brand is all over but not nearly the same quality.

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        Today we found the "La Satena" dough at an Argentinean market called "Buenos Aires" at 3100 N Cicero Ave, Chicago, phone 773-685-4241. ENJOY!

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        1. Hi, I'm a newbie. I am also looking for the dough. I live in San Diego if anyone can help me. I almost bought the Goya brand, but thanks to BrianandMaria, I will not. I like their products, but I also heard La Saltena is better than Goya.

          I found these websites when you can buy them, but I was hoping I could get them locally.

          Thanks for your help!

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            Thank you so much for this information. I was able to find La Saltena and order them at a reasonable price!

          2. You can find "Tapas para Empanadas La Saltena at Mercado Internacional 2000 on the Third Ave and Orange Ave in Chula Vista, San Diego. It's better than Goya!

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              Has anyone ever found this in the NW suburbs??