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Mar 27, 2008 12:00 PM

Central Square Breakdown

I only eat cheap.

Tavern On the Square - good for 1am nachos and cheap pitchers of beer while watching the game.
Picante - all right for the only mexican in the square, a large burrito with guacamole will run $10 which I think is a travesty.
Moody's - delish, cheap, quick. I usually only go for the shwarma but the meat pies are pretty good too.
The Field - I've had really good BLT turkey clubs, everything else doesn't look so hot.
The Phoenix Landing - avoid the food
Pepper Sky - I am no thai hound, but I think it's great
Green Street - Not cheap, but I've been for dinner and everything was good
Indian Place with the prepared foods in the back - don't know good Indian, but I've stuffed my face once or twice from the back food counter.
HiFi - quick cheap pizza open late. I've also had chicken parm subs, which were pretty good.
Mary Chung's - my go to for chinese, it's had enough coverage at CH
Cinderellas - Good basic subs, pizza always seems confusingly expensive, cheap on the toppings.
Asgard - everyone hates it, but I like the "Irish dip" if I'm there.

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  1. I'd add Miracle of Science for good food in the $10 range.
    Brookline Lunch for breakfast and good wraps.
    I like the panini at Carberry's (I'm in the minority I know), also heath bar cookies
    Haven't gone to Pressed Sandwiches yet.

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    1. re: Joanie

      Definitely try Hot Off the Press! They do a solid cuban and their breakfast sandwiches are unbeatable! I'd kill for a sandwich shop like Hot Off the Press in my neighborhood

      1. re: heWho

        I love cubans and haven't even heard of this place. Good god.

        Guess I know whats for dinner tonight.

        1. re: DanInCambridge

          I don't really like that place, although i like it a little bit better than when it was Pressed.

          Everything is soooooo freeeeaaaaakiiiiiinnnnnnng sloooooooooooow. It usually tastes somewhere between fine and good, but i think its a bit expensive for what you're getting. That combined with the wait have caused me to pretty much never go there (and I live a block away)

          1. re: DanInCambridge

            It's right on Mass Ave (on the side of the street, closer to the river). If you're coming from the Centra Square T-stop it's about 2 blocks in the direction of Harvard, a little bit past the Prospect St/Western Ave/River St junction.

            Hot Off the Press
            736 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

            1. re: DanInCambridge

              Dan give Izzy's roast pork sub a try on Fridays or Saturdays (they offer it when they offer the pernil roast pork plate). They can do it in a quasi-cuban style too, but just the basic sub is worth eating. Its a bit out of the Central Square proper, but not as far as ConSol. Camie's is probably still worth it for the Haitian meat pie (not Jamaican meat pies though). Over on Norfolk St (closer to the actual square) there is a convenience store that did sell the basic NY-frozen jamaican meat pies... and Shalimar has basic samosas and other snacks at the back.

        2. Don't forget Moody Falafel Palace. I like their vegetarian platter - perfect on a hot summer's day.

          1. I'll add River Gods to the mix for excellent kimchee handrolls and good burgers.

            1. I will add Basta Pasta as a reasonably priced/decent portion place with great sauces and pastas.

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              1. re: TomH

                basta pasta is pretty far from central square...probably as far a walk from central as inman sq. is

                1. re: phosho

                  Well if we want to get into semantics, if I had to categorize it "by square" I think it would fall into Central by location. Also, if River Gods is mentioned above I think Basta Pasta would also fit the same bill. Plus, after a big plate of pasta a nice walk will do you well....

                  1. re: TomH

                    Count me as a person who would consider River Gods to be in Central but not Basta Pasta - its definitely a good bit further away than RG. I'd put Coast Cafe in teh same boat ... both of them are great places but IMO not in Central. OTOH, I'm much more lenient in terms of geography along the Mass Ave axis than I am in the other two directions (in that I view pretty much the old cambridgeport saloon space down to the plough and stars as being 'central square', but give up pretty quickly just a couple of blocks along the other axis) so who knows :)

              2. I'm a HUGE fan of Hot Off the Press, though I haven't been to this location (I used to go frequently when they were in Charlestown). You can't go wrong with their Southwest Turkey Panini or, for breakfast, their Spicy Start...really nice staff (at their old location anyway) too...