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Mar 27, 2008 11:47 AM

Jules Bistro?

What are your thoughts? Rave reviews but wanted to get some opinions from here... thanks

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  1. Only been for brunch and thought my croque monsieur and fries were pretty bad.

    1. While Jules is by no means an amazing destination for food, there is much to recommend. The atmosphere is nice, the live jazz is good (but can be blocked out a good bit if you sit in the narrow back room), the wine list is reasonable. Food wise, they have a pretty good charcuterie plate, very nice scallops, and I always enjoy a burger there.


      1. I have been twice and loved both my experiences there. I brought my parents and they just loved it! They are huge jazz fans and my father said the the trio playing there was excellent. The food is not the best in the city but it is good. It is a French bistro and if you stick to simple choices like mussels and steak frites, you should not be disappointed. the wine list has some good and not too expensive choices. Go there if you like jazz and cute little French bistros.