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Mar 27, 2008 11:46 AM

Cruzer coming to Silverlake?

Does anyone know anything about "Cruzer - pizza pasta and salad" that's moving into the old Cap N Cork space on Hillhurst and Prospect? I had high hopes for that space, but Cruzer sounds a little scary! Is it a chain?
Jellyroll Joyce

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  1. OMG! Another pizza place -- enough already! We've got Nicky D's, Ill Cap and 2 new ones -- what about a decent Chinese place and not 2 Chi Dynasty's! We need more deliver options in the hood -- attn restaurateurs! We've got a gloat of Thai and Pizza.

    1. It does sound scary, and I did find a mention of one already in Glendale. More ambitious places are having a hard time on that street lately (which is actually Los Feliz, not Silver Lake) because there are so many alcohol licenses already and the residents are getting testy about parking, late nights, etc.. That's likely why Home is moving to where Rudolpho's is, although I'm not sure whether Home will retain their Hillhurst location too.

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          So Capn Cork and Rudolpho's are closing?

          1. re: Josh90004

            Cap'n cork moved across the street, yes, Rudolpho's is closing.