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Mar 27, 2008 11:39 AM

Looking for RI "diamonds in the rough"

Hi there! I'm moving to the Newport, RI area this summer and am looking for some suggestions. I'm looking for kid friendly, not terribly expensive seafood joints/shacks/etc. Anyplace that has a very casual atmosphere and serves killer lobster rolls (anything lobster!), seafood chowder, proper fried clams, etc...


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  1. Flo's Clam Shack or Johnny's Atlantic Beach Club directly across the street should meet your requirements.

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    1. re: Sean

      i dont know if youve been to Flos last few years,but its gone downhill ,really really downhill.the flos in portsmouth is a little better,but nothing like"back in the day",and the atlantic beach club,please!!id suggest driving to tivrton to evelyns,quitos in bristol,or maybe the commons lunch out in little common.there are some good places in point judith-galilee ,

      1. re: im hungry

        I'll second Evelyns, too. My friends in Little Compton say that the Common's Lunch is back and as good as before.

        1. re: RI Swampyankee

          Quitos in Bristol is great. Right on the water, fireplace, Lobster, chowder.

          1. re: new ri foodie

            A fireplace too??? I'm defenitely going there. :p

            1. re: JMM74

              In Portsmouth, try El parkey a Mex place on Park ave. Gold's Grill in Middeltown. And uglyAmerican in Fall River for Burgers.