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Mar 27, 2008 11:30 AM

Dinner Before the Blue Man Group?

My family (me, husband, two teenagers) will be visiting Chicago and have tickets for the Blue Man Group--the theater is up near Belmont and Clark. Any suggestions for good, not too expensive restaurants that will be open for an early dinner (the show is at 7:30)? Thanks, and sorry for the first, empty, post. My finger slipped.

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    1. re: CGC

      We like pretty much anything--there's one vegetarian in the group, but that's the only limitation.

    2. There is a Flot Top Grill at Belmont and Southport. Flat Top is a local (I think) chain of build-your-own stir fry places. They are all you can eat for less than $15 pp (I believe). The food is good and it is a great option for vegetarians because they get to pick exactly what they want to put in. There is also a separate section of the grill for vegetarians and people with food allergies if the vegetarian does not want his or her food to be cooked on the same surface as the meat.

      1. I would go to Duck Walk. It's a small Thai place on Belmont a couple blocks West of Halsted. They're very good, definitely have vegetarian options, inexpensive and BYOB.

        1. If you would like something not at all unusual, but absolutely delicious, go for the stuffed pizza at Giordano's; they have a location a block west on Belmont. Phone ahead with your pizza order to avoid waiting 45 minutes while seated for your pizza to bake.

          Mia Francesca (for Italian food) has a location around the corner on Clark Street.

          Jack's on Halsted has contemporary American food. See their website for info on their $24.95 pre-theater menu.

          1. Tepatulco on Halsted at Wrightwood isn't too far and has great Mexican food.
            We also like Fattoush for Middle Eastern and Raj Darbar for Indian (both on Halsted around Wrightwood.

            Jack's on Halsted and Irwin are excellent choices as well for American cuisine.