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Mar 27, 2008 11:19 AM

Next Tuesday W/ Co-Workers

Dinner with a group of co-workers. I'm spearheading this outing. Casual, not a business dinner, just co-workers getting together for food, drinks, and possibly entertainment afterwards. A few will be from southern Illinois, and are not used to anything in the realm of "exotic." I already know Indian, Thai, and sushi are out, and Mexican is possibly out too. They are of the mindset of taco/burrito/sombrero mexican. Ok, so checking through the long list of Metromix's Tuesday stuff, I've offered suggestions of:

Pizza and Beer at Candlelite for the two for one deal
Adobo Grill's (Wicker Park) 20.00 two course prix fixe deal

And also (*gulp*) just for nostalgia's sake, and for the southern Illinois tourists:
Dicks Last Resort.

The entertainment might just be a pool parlor, but I think it might be funny to go to the Comedy Open Mic at Philyss's on Division

I can keep looking through this long Metromix list, but I thought I'd ping the Chowhounders for help.

Price: lower end of moderate 20 pp tops for food.
BYOB would be cool, not necessary
Tuesday night "deal" would be cool
Nothing too exotic :-(
Booze WILL be consumed. We are somewhat loose tongued.
Anyone have any secret Tuesday deals along these lines?

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  1. A Mano has great happy hour deals on food at their bar - including $5 pizzas the last couple times I went. Definitely not BYOB, but the food is good.

    1. Smoke Daddy's on Division for BBQ and then plenty of options afterwards for drinks.