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Mar 27, 2008 11:06 AM

One week in New Mexico and looking for out of the way places to eat.

We're landing in Albuquerque and have no set schedule. Looking for places the locals eat, not famous touristy places.

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  1. I put this together FYI. These are all places I have eaten at and consider my favorites. I have not included any national chains. I hope you can use this info. I probably missed some;
    $$ means expensive; type of food is indicated if title of restaurant isn't clear; general location given. All are in ABQ proper unless otherwise noted.

    Local chains with mulitple locations:
    Garcia's Kitchen - New Mexican
    Little Anita's - New Mexican
    Flying Star - coffee, desserts, good food; eclectic
    Dions - pizza [best chain]
    Papa Johns - pizza
    Garduno's - mexican [pretty run of the mill]
    Weck's -breakfast
    Souper Salad
    [Don't bother with seafood & chinese as these just aren't worth it here]

    Abuelita's New Mexican Kitchen [about 25 minutes north of ABQ] on the way to Santa Fe

    Al's NYPD Pizza - downtown
    (505) 766-6973
    215 Central Ave Nw

    Artichoke Cafe $$- eclectic, contemporary American
    (505) 243-0200
    424 Central Ave SE

    Barelas Coffee House - New Mexican Food
    (505) 843-7577
    1502 4th St SW

    Casa de benavidez New Mexican - north valley [ 20 minutes ]
    8032 4th St. NW,

    Cervantes - New Mexican Food
    (505) 262-2253
    5801 Gibson Blvd Se [near airport]

    Duran's Central Pharmacy New Mexican/SW
    [old Town; don't let name fool you]
    1815 Central Ave. NW

    El Patio New Mexican/SW [Univ area]
    142 Harvard St. NE

    El Modelo Mexican Foods
    (505) 242-1843
    1715 2nd St Sw

    El Pinto New Mexican [20 minutes north of ABQ; on way to santa Fe]
    (505) 898-1771
    10500 4th St NW

    Gold Street Cafe - american [downtown]
    218 Gold Ave. SW

    Frontier - new mexican, across from Univ. of NM
    (505) 266-0550
    2400 Central Ave SE

    Great American Land & Cattle $$ steak
    1550 Tramway Blvd NE

    Il Vicino Wood Oven pizza - Nob hill/University area
    [also various locations]
    (505) 266-7855
    3403 Central Ave NE

    La Crepe Michelle - french, in Old Town
    (505) 242-1251
    400 San Felipe St Nw

    Los Cuates New Mexican
    (505) 255-5079
    4901 Lomas Blvd NE

    The Melting Pot - fondue; in Old Town
    (505) 843-6358
    2011 Mountain Rd Nw

    Mykinos - Greek
    Mountain Run Shopping Center
    Eubank and Juan Tabo

    Pars - mediterranean
    (505) 345-5156
    4320 25 Way NE [near movie complex at Jefferson & I 25]

    Powdrells BBQ
    (505) 298-6766
    11301 Central Ave Ne
    (505) 345-8086
    5209 4th St Nw

    Quarters - BBQ [near Airport]
    801 Yale Blvd. SE

    Ranchers Club $$
    ABQ Hilton
    1901 University Blvd. NE

    Range Cafe - new mexican and american [good]
    multiple locations
    (505) 293-2633
    4200 Wyoming Blvd Ne B2

    Robbs Ribbs BBQ
    (505) 884-7422
    3000 San Pdro Dr Ne Ste C

    Rudy's BBQ
    (505) 884-4000
    2321 Carlisle Blvd Ne

    Sadies -New Mexican
    (505) 345-5339
    6230 4th St NW

    Scalo - northern Italian $$ [Nob Hill]
    3500 Central Ave. SE

    Seasons Rotisserie & Grill $$ [Old Town]
    2031 Mountain Rd. NW,

    Yanni's - mediterranean/greek [Nob Hill/Univ area]
    (505) 268-9250
    3109 Central Ave Ne

    Zinc Wine Bar $$ contemporary [Nob Hill]
    3009 Central Ave. NE

    Rt. 66 Diner [not my favorite, but has it's fans] [west of Univ. area]
    1405 Central Ave. NE



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      Wow! Thanks so much for your help!

      1. re: DebitNM

        I will be driving from the airport up to Jimez Springs…want to get my first long over due of NM food, are any of these on that route?

        1. re: vegdeb

          I saw earlier in this thread (2008) that someone posted a book about the area's food. There's a much newer one called a Food Lover's Guide to

          A pretty comprehensive book.

      2. I'm originally from Taos but went to high school in Albuquerque. In ABQ my regular favorites for breakfast were hacienda express, dos hermanos and wecks. Los cuates is great for lunch and dinner along with Sadies (huge portions but amazing) and Garcia's Kitchen (go to the original down on 4th or 12th or somewhere around there). Lastly, you have to check out frontier while you are down there. It is a college/highschool staple that is open 24 hours a day and gets so crowded around 2 oclock am on the weekends, they have security guards. They do excellent breakfast burritos and green chili and my one mention of something non New Mexican is their sweet rolls. Yum. (BTW all of this is New Mexican cuisine because it's the only cuisine to eat down there). If you make it up North to the amazing town of Taos, check out Orlandos off of Paseo del Pueblo Sur. Great food, great people. Also El Taoseno is a locals tradition for a morning after a good night.

        Whatever you do, get ready to answer the question "Red or Green?" And be ready for the heat. It's going to be spicy. Also make sure you have some sopapillas with honey for desert. Also, it seems odd but one of the favorites is Carne Asada for breakfast. Big heaps of tender red chili covered meat served with eggs. Yum. Enjoy, the food down there is very underrated.

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          1. re: Cookanddog

            CulinaryNM should weigh in on this, but I can say that she's really enthusaistic about Monroe's in Albuquerque for NM fare. We've been there too, and it IS very good and definitely local. Search for "Monroe's" or "Monroes" for details.

          2. For New Mexican food, Mary & Tito's, Perea's, and Padilla's in Albuquerque and La Choza in Santa Fe.

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            1. While I'm in Minneapolis right now, I lived in Albuquerque for 20 years, and there are a lot of good restaurants there.

              Take a look at Gils Thrilling Web Site; he's checked out a lot of them personally.


              I think that Gil Garduno and his buds have been to every decent restaurant in New Mexico (and some thaat weren't so good), and has reports on his website. Other Chowhounds and use him as a reference for NM food.

              Personal opinion: I'm not fond of Cervantes, but I do recommend a small family owned Korean restaurant called Fu Yuang at Candelaria and Eubank, in Scottsdale village behind the McDonalds. Be aware that the spicy dishes they serve have the heat of home cooked Korean food. It's gooood!

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              1. re: paoconnell

                While in ABQ this week, I checked out one of the places Gil recommended: Athens Eclectic Greek. It was awful! IF this is any indication of his recommendations - I'd suggest moving on without stopping.

                The restaurant brought out hummus to start. Great I thought; something other than the usual olive oil to dip into. It was bland and seemed to have dried out along the edges. But I thought the pita would help. Guess again! There was no pita in the bread basket but rather some dry sliced bread resembling [appearances can be deceiving] sourdough. It was not good and didn't help hummus.

                My Greek salad was so so at best. The dressing was made with balsamic vinegar which made it too sweet. There was little in the way of herbs such as oregano.

                I ordered spanikopita which is my benchmark for a Greek restaurant. The dish arrived and the first thing I noted were the canned green beans! Ick. The phyllo was pretty pale and not too crispy. But it got worse. The spinach used was - you guessed it -- canned!! I couldn't believe it. The worst greek food I have ever had.

                Stick with Mykonos Cafe at Mountain Run Center on Eubank and Juan Tabo. IT is the best Greek in town and would stand up to any Greek restaurant.

              2. Look for a book called NEW MEXICO CHOW by Scott Sherot and published by The Intrepid Traveler. I got mine through Amazon, but I did see it for sale at many places around NM. It was very very helpful on a couple of trips and I found the reviews to be spot-on accurate.