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Mar 27, 2008 10:47 AM

San Diego "Fast Food"

Hi All-

Please give me your suggestions for fast-food style establishments in San Diego. With the great mexican and fish tacos it seems like there are some good choices. I'll look thru the boards too, but it is hard to sort thru them all for fast-food style places. I don't want to miss any "must eats" during our trip next week .

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  1. Do you live in an area with In-N-Out? If not, I'd give them a shot; they're a staple of west coast fast food.

    Super Cocina is kind of fast food in that you go up and they serve it directly from the trays. I wouldn't really consider it to be "to go" fast food though.

    Mariscos German for fish tacos.

    I'll get reamed for this on here, but you could go by an taco shop (Roberto's, Los Panchos, Cotixan, etc). It's not authentic and the quality varies from shop to shop, but it can hit the spot. San Diego's carne asada burritos, carne asada fries, and California burritos are kind of unique and good if not exactly authentic..