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Mar 27, 2008 10:43 AM

Best BBQ on I-35 between Dallas and San Antonio?

I wish my travel time allowed a detour off the highway, but any recommendations for a BBQ spot along I-35?

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  1. Strong,

    Could you provide us with more clarification. Are you wanting something directly on the highway or are you willing to take a short detour (couple of blocks off the highway)?

    Temple seems to be your best bet for BBQ - Try out Clem Mikeska's (haven't been there personally) but it has been around a long time and is part of the famed Mikeska clan of BBQ brothers. Recommendations seem to be the BBQ sirloin and the sausage.

    Another more highly recommended place is Schoepf's Old Time Pit BBQ in Belton which is a short drive (5-10 mins south of Temple


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    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

      second the recommendation on Schoeps ...and it is easy on & off for I35 .

      1. re: pinotho

        Also , there is Cowboy's Bar-Be-Que in Salado , but it is a little below Schoeps......

        1. re: pinotho

          We stopped right off the highway in Kyle (I think about 30 min south of Austin) at a place called RailRoad BBQ I think. The brisket and sauce was not bad.

      2. re: LewisvilleHounder

        Thanks for the replies so far -- I am willing to go about 5 minutes off the highway, so it doesn't have to be right at the "truckstop." I am daydreaming about something in the Kreuz's/Cooper's/Mueller's ballpark -- good, authentic, family-run, non-chain BBQ.

        1. re: strong95

          Both of those are family run but not quite the calibre of Kreuz, Smitty's, Coopers or Louie Mueller's. Schoepf's is prolly you're best bet though.

      3. I grew up in Belton and both Schoepf and Mikeska are so so at best. Millers BBQ in Belton beats both of them hands down. The only thing decent at Schoepfs is the pork chop - the briscuit is overpriced and really dry. Mikeska boils his meats before throwing on pit - its not good.

        However, Las Casas Mexican right next to Clems in Temple is famous for their White-Wings and they are Excellent - definitely worth the stop.

        1. Pecan Lodge is in Dallas and on 35 but you'll need to be there early and you'll be waiting in line for a while as its as good as any Q in the state. Lockhart BBQ is in Dallas too and is right off 35, They are run by the same people who own Kruez in Lockhart and at this point I think based on my last visit to Kruez in the city of Lockhart Id say actually better. South of Austin there is a little town called Creedmoore about 10m off 35. Theres a place there called Wilhites that is very, very good. Certainly better than Mikeskas or Schoeps.