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Mar 27, 2008 10:43 AM

Dining solo in Williamsburg

I will be in Williamsburg for business two nights next week and would love some help in choosing dinner places. Based on a search of other threads on this topic, I am thinking Blue Talon Bistro for one night. I eat pretty much anything and would love a casual place with a great wine list.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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  1. Try the Greenleafe Cafe:

    Their beer and single-malt scotch listing is much more wide-ranging than the wine list, but the wine they do have is carefully chosen. You can check out what they've got on their web site.

    I don't live in VA anymore, and I miss this place!

    1. I go solo to Williamsburg periodically and I usually eat at the Blue Talon or the Fat Canary. I usually eat at the bar and strike up a conversation with others- I get to meet the staff and talk with them too. I usually find it reasonably comfortable and interesting. Blue Talon is a bistro so casual at the bar is acceptable and Fat Canary also has a bistro feel. Also, I find making a reservation difficult since I do not always know I will be ready for dinner.

      1. You can eat at the bar at Fat Canary...fabulous food but in a casual setting. I also recently had a very nice lunch at Alize Bistro recently.

        1. Thanks - I was intrigued by the Fat Canary, but I thought it would be too formal - great to know I can eat at the bar! Looks like Blue Talon & Fat Canary are going to be the winners.

          One more question - any place to get a good cup of coffee in the morning? The "coffee" at the hotel is horrifying...

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            The Blue Talon does "take away" coffee in the mornings (pastries too, I think - it's been a while since I was there) and it's wonderful. Not sure what the opening times are though. There is also a coffee shop across the street from there that my husband loves.

            1. re: vanative

              The coffee shop across the street from Blue Talon is called Aroma or Aromas. It seems to be quite popular. They also serve food and have some tables inside and out on the sidewalk.