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Mar 27, 2008 10:37 AM

Galil Yiron 2001

Appears available for about $11/12 which is half of what the '03 and '04 are going for, and should probably be drunk now rather than stored.

Anyone tried this recently and have comments?

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  1. fabtastic bottle but happens to be a shmittah year which according to some may have certain halachic implications as to its drinkable statuse, which why i presume its so cheap,

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    1. re: cwsilverberg

      heard about the shmittah year, but my view is if it has a good hasgacha, good enough. If they wont buy, more left for me.

      1. re: jaickyt

        the shmittah year wine doesnt have the same hashgacha as the other years

        1. re: cwsilverberg

          Thanks for the info. I'm going to try a bottle next week and then see if I want to order more.

        2. re: jaickyt

          like is aid i happen to knw its a fantastic bottle i am more partial to the 03 but i believe its ine of the best bang for your buck kosher wines out there

          1. re: jaickyt


            There are many who hold that shemitta year products such as wine must not be taken outside eretz Yisroel, except where necessary such as esrogim and such. Which certainly presents a problem. And if someone doesn't finish his/her glass of wine, or a bottle of wine, the remnants from the glass or bottle must be stored until they are undrinkable, and then can be discarded with other shemitta items. It's really not easy to deal with shemitta, and we don;t really have facilities in the USA. In Israel, each house has a separate trash just for shemitta, and they don't empty it until it's uniformly rotten and ugly, and then I presume it's segregated all down the line in waste processing. Personally, since I live in chutz laaretz, it's just easier not to deal with it, and scrupulously avoid shemitta products.