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I need a great place for steak.


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  1. Location? Price point? You will get better answers by giving a few parameters.

    1. what kind of place?

      Steakhouse - Abe&Louie's
      Steakhouse (mid range) - Frank's in the PRC
      Cheap-o - OutBack or Texas Roadhouse

      or, search the board for a ton of opinions.

        1. Christopher's on Rt 62 in Maynard has excellent steaks.

          1. Stay away from the chain spots ie. the Palm, Smith and Wollensky, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse etc etc.

            Grill 23 is a very good choice.

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              The steak is great at just about any high end steak house in the city. But for my money, Grill 23's meat can't be beat.

            2. Chain Restaurants can be good for their consistency, which is what is needed for a good steak.
              Cheap: Outback Steakhouse (no, seriously)
              Medium: Houston's
              Expensive: Morton's

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              1. re: Megawatts

                I thought what was needed for a good steak was ... a good steak. Never had one at any of the places you've mentioned, unfortunately.
                Different strokes ...

                1. re: adamgendreau

                  For a good steak you need a consistent source of quality meat, which can be hard to come by if you're ordering in small quantities, and it needs to be cooked to the right temperature which takes quite a bit of practice. I'm not trying to say that you'll find anything groundbreaking at the above establishments, but what you will find is a fine piece of beef cooked to the right temperature (which is not always easy for restaurants to do). And if you haven't tried the food (which this board is about), try to limit your snide comments.

                  1. re: Megawatts

                    Wasn't trying to be snide ... appologize if that's how I came off.
                    I wasn't saying that I haven't eaten at any of those places, either. I've eaten at all of them several times. I just don't agree that any of them offer great steaks which is what the original poster had asked. I do agree that they cook the steaks well ... but that's only a small part of what anyone consider to be a great steak.
                    Any monkey with a grill or a temp-probing IR salamader can cook a steak to temp. If you cook an unmarbled piece of wet-aged beef from Chicago to perfection ... that's nice and all but it's not a "great" steak.
                    Try K.O. Prime or Capital Grille for a great piece of meat cooked perfectly.

                    1. re: adamgendreau

                      KO was good - went there this weekend- my teenagers loved the ambience and the steaks were great!

                  2. re: adamgendreau

                    The steakhouses, CG, A&L et al, have a big advantage called the 'grille' that can obtain temps over 1000 degress creating juicy insides and sealed and chared outsides.

                2. I have to agree with the questions posted. Define great? Do you need ambience? If not, then My husband and I have always had luck with the steaks at Zalek's in Wakefield. It's our favorite place to get steak these days... always perfectly cooked and flavorful.

                  1. There's always Capital Grille in Burlington.

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                    1. re: treb

                      There's always the New Bridge in Chelsea.

                      1. re: Alcachofa

                        Yah, New Bridge is one of my favs, been going there for a loooong time. Great tips, in fact the whole menu is great but, they don't have steaks.

                        1. re: treb

                          *Steak* tips. The original poster said nothing about how the steak is served. I'm really pointing out the absurdity of anyone replying to the original post. Who knows what they are looking for. Ergo, New Bridge is as good a suggestion as any.

                    2. I had a delicious rib eye at L'Andana in Burlington on easter... very very tasty!

                      1. The best steak I've had in Boston in the last few years was at Prezza in the North End. No kidding.

                        1. I miss Jimmy's On the Mall. Their teriyaki steak (NY strip, I believe) was so good that once I discovered it, the only time I'd have steak was there. It was always tender, delicious, and cooked to the level of doneness requested, at a very reasonable price. I paid three times as much at Capital Grille for a very disappointing meal. Happily, there's still Jimmy's in Arlington and Saugus, and the affiliated Grassfields, in Andover, which also offers it. Their fish and rice pilaf are high-quality as well.

                          1. comparing grill 23, ruth's chris, morton's, capital grill ---- GRILL 23 is by FAR the best

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                            1. re: kweesee

                              Great Steak.................

                              1. Buy a Weber kettle grill and some mesquite wood or quality charcoal.
                              2. Find a butcher you can trust that will custom cut your meat. For example, "I need 4 16 oz center cut NY Strips". To which the reply is , "No Problem".
                              3. Head home and pull the cork on a nice bottle of red
                              4. Get the coals whote hot.
                              5. Rub the steak with salt/pepper/olive oil
                              6. 3 minutes, turn 45 degrees and flip
                              7. Repeat # 6
                              8. Pour another glass of red
                              9. Remove steaks, cover with foil and wait 10 minutes
                              10. Pour another glass of red, plate steak with sides and enjoy

                              And never set foot inside The Outhouse, I mean Outback again................

                              1. re: TonyO

                                You may need another bottle of red. I never make it through the grilling on 1.