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Mar 27, 2008 10:24 AM

Artichoke Basille's Pizza on 14th St

Just stopped in for a couple of slices at the brand new Artichoke Basille's Pizza on 14th between 1st and 2nd and was pleasantly surpised. Their plain was nice, with a light tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and parmesan, but what was truly transcendent was their eponymous Artichoke pizza (actually artichoke and spinach). This is a bubbling white pie, rich and creamy with large pieces of spinach, chunks of artichoke and ample cheese. At only $3, a slice of this alone will be enough for a cheap meal on my next visit. Stuffed artichokes and cauliflower fritters also looked good, but I was too full to sample them myself. Does anyone know the story with this place? Googling it, it looks like it may be the offshoot of a Staten Island restaurant. In any event, it's nice to have a quality newcomer in what is already a great neighborhood for Pizza.

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  1. Yeah, I went there the other night. It's awesome! The two owners come from restaurant families (all over from Staten Island, New Jersey and PA). They said they've both been in the business their whole lives. They're cousins that branched out on their own with their own concept. We went across the street to that bar and they bought over three pies piping hot on trays for everyone to enjoy. We will be back. Good luck!

    1. I went too. The square slice had potential, but the bottom was really burnt. I also had a "free sample" (a thin slice) of the artichoke pie. I really didn't like it. It tasted to me like creamed spinach pizza. I would go back and try the plain round slice. The place almost had a DiFara feel to me (the place, not the pizza)...not sure why.

      1. I was about to start a post on this place myself... I stopped in for a second time tonight, and the owner said that they had only been open for 8 days. He just makes what he feels like cooking that day (in addition to the pizza). Today it was a broccoli rabe sandwich on their delicious homemade bread. Both the artichoke and the regular pizza were excellent. There's no place to sit, but there is a little ledge to lean your pizza on, and the food is great.

        1. i'm such a lemming. i couldn't resist stopping by earlier this afternoon during a walk around the neighborhood. fried artichokes and cauliflower fritters weren't ready yet, but i nabbed a square slice fresh from the oven (which i'm now demolishing). it's delicious. the bottom is what i would call very crispy (and that's the way i like it), but i could see it being another person's "burnt." the sauce is nice - mild and slightly sweet. the cheese isn't great, but i can overlook that. i'm really loving the oily, rich crust.

          1. Stopped in for a creamy, delicious spinach and artichoke slice this afternoon. Really good. The sauce is so thick -- could almost be used to dress pasta! I loved my slice and will definitely be back.

            The place is kind of messy, random wooden boards, with big hunks of cheese and rolls of bread sitting out, basil peeking out of a wooden crate, a tomato can propping up a window. Definitely gives it a Di Fara feel. They apologized for not having any cold soda when we asked for a Coke.