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May 17, 2002 05:45 PM

El Toro Meats in Lake Forest?

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Is El Toro Meats in Lake Forest any good? My SO and I are looking to break in our new barbeque by grilling up some brats and other good things this weekend. Is there a place in Irvine (or the general area around Irvine) that has a better selection of meat? Thanks for your input!

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  1. m
    Morgan in So.Cal.


    I've bought some meats from El Toro Meats and while they *were* good, they were also rather expensive. And to tell the truth there wasn't much difference between the meat from El Toro and the stuff I normally buy at Costco. If you're going to buy from Costco try their ribeyes (very good for the price).

    Another place that generally has very good meat is Whole Foods Market. There's a store in Triangle Square (Costa Mesa) and Tustin (off the 55).

    Good luck!