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Mar 27, 2008 10:04 AM

Boston w/College Students

I am a professor bringing 7 freshmen to Boston for the weekend and looking for recommendations for places to eat dinner with them. We are staying near Copley Square and I would like something within walking distance (say in a 6-8 block radius.) Unfortunately with a group like this what works best is a place they won't be intimidated by (the more adventurous the more problematic) and we aren't priced out of (the budget allows me to spend around $25 per head for dinner.) So any recommendations for an exceptional pizza joint, Middle-Eastern restaurant, Mexican, etc. in the area? Thanks!

PS Looking through the boards it seems possible that this is the wrong area for such a request. If that is the case and we are better off hoping onto subway and going elsewhere for such food, any suggestions for that?

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  1. Within Walking Distance

    Middle Eastern: Cafe Jaffa
    Seafood: Legal Seafood
    Seafood: Summer Shack
    Pizza: Upper Crust
    Pizza: Bostone Pizza
    American: Stephanie's on Newbury
    American: Coda
    American: Parish Cafe
    Italian: Giacomo's
    Ethiopian: Addis Red Sea

    If you add in public transportation, obviously you have more options.

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      Parish Cafe might be fun for them. Their website is under construction, but they feature sandwiches created by local chefs. Summer Shack is loud but fun (seafood) and there's bowling next door if you're looking for something to do afterward.

      Summer Shack Boston
      50 Dalton St., Boston, MA 02115

    2. All the above suggestions are good except Stephanies. Go somewhere else.

      You're right that the area near Copley Square is difficult for your requirements. Keep in mind, however, that within 6-8 blocks includes most of the good restaurants in Back Bay and the South End. Ones I would add to the above list:

      Anchovies on Columbus Ave. - classic red sauce place
      Delux Cafe on Chandler at Clarendon - modern American
      Pops on Tremont - bistro - this might push the budget a bit
      Laurel on Berkeley - bistro

      Yoiu should also look into the North End. Others here are far more expert than I in that area but there are numerous restaurants in a fun area to explore. It is probably within walking distance.

      While it may be tempting, the cost of taking the T will probably outweigh any savings you get from a different location.

      Finally, if you have the flexibility, many of the better restauarants offer relatively cheap (and good) lunch specials.

      1. My daugther is a 21 year old college student and she and her friends love to go to Fire and Ice on Newbury Street for gatherings like birthdays and such. I know that the food there gets slammed on this board and I have never been there but the college age crowd seems to love it. I believe there is quite a variety for those finnicky eaters and it's probably not too expensive.

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        1. re: bakerboyz

          Yes, Fire and Ice seems to be a big hit with that age group. It's actually on Berkley St. I believe.

          You select your own ingredients and it's grilled for you right there. It's all you can eat.

        2. If they like middle eastern, there is a great place on Gloucester btwn Newbury and Boylston called Cafe Jaffa. Its very casual and the food is great. For pizza, there is Upper Crust on Newbury. These are both within walking distance of Copley.

          1. You mentioned Mexican. Casa Romero on Gloucester St. (actually in an alley off Gloucester) would be a good choice.